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An old sound

A Review On: Manta 7000 Headphones

Manta 7000 Headphones

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Pros: Strong build, quite flexible with EQ

Cons: lots of roll off, honky high bass

So, first of all you might be wondering why even bother reviewing a headphone that nobody knows about, has ever heard of, and most likely will never own or see in real life? Simply put, I think that this headphone deserves it. There are many of the 70's Pioneer clones, so it's good to give people an idea about them if there is any interest.



- Aesthetics and construction are really good. The metal work is simple and strong, the wood effect cups are done tastefully and the artificial leather is also done well to a high standard. The headband can be adjusted easily and a strong seal isolates sound EXTREMELY well.

- The cable feels strong, and it's coil despite being on the heavy side is easily carried by the tight grasp of the headband.



- The headband despite having pros on tightness also can be too tight at times which can be more than uncomfortable and cause sweating - this I find CAN be adjusted by the headband to a degree.

- Size - they might be a bit too big and heavy for some. Also they stick out very wide. Despite great isolation and ability to produce high volumes on portable devices, you would certainly do more than stick out in a crowd, making these not the ideal style choice for outdoor use.

- Faux leather case with red inner lining isn't tacky and provides excellent storage protection.



Lots of honky midrange. You need to EQ these A LOT to get even a half decent sound of of it as it rolls off a lot on both sides.

The sound has a lot of slam in the bass and quite a fair amount of sound pressure. It's quite an in-your-face sound.



They are outdated (36 years old from time of review), but if you spend a little time with EQ or simply just turn up the treble and bass knobs on your amp, you get a half decent sound. The sound is exciting, it's actually quite fun and doesn't fatigue because you can listen on low volumes due to the excellent isolation.

This would be a welcome addition to a vintage collection not just for the sound, but it's rarity and charm.


EDIT: Now that I have a much better amp and EQ I can say that these headphones can sound really really good (for vintage). They've got a really nice deep subtle slam in the bass, although in the frequency response there seems to be a big hump from around 125hz that slopes down towards 1000Hz, so even after lowering these considerably, the headphone still sounds a bit shouty in the vocals. After a bit of boosting around 4000-8000Hz, the whole sound seems to have a lot more clarity, and less shout - albeit massively coloured, but a good fun timbre.


I wouldn't ever recommend these to anyone unless you're a collector of rare vintage oddities/headphones.


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