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M-Audio Studiophile Q40 Closed-back Dynamic Headphones Reviews


huge, uncomfortable, yet i love the sound


Pros: fun, surrounding sound. very rumble-bumble-tumble bass, mids are still clear and nice, decent highs

Cons: terrible pads, too big to be comfy, makes me adjust it for awhile.

first review. yayyyyyyyyyy, so here we go. I am no super expert in headphones, but heres what I think the bass is very rumbling. I think that it wasn't as thumping or hard hitting as i would like it, but i really think that is because i am using the dt770 velour pads. when i put my hands on the outside of them, i can feel it hitting harder then it does on my ears.   the middle ranges sound good enough for me, definitely clear and smooth.   the highs sounded peerrrhhaps a bit hushed, but i haven't seen anyone else say that.   the sound really surrounds you and has a decent sound stage. it is really fun and i had a GREAT time moving and grooving. that being said i had...
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These are recommended as entry level headphones for mixing.


Pros: They are pretty accurate, the bass however is bumped up about 8db above 0 for the bassheads.(like my former self)

Cons: the wires are outside the headphone, cup holders meh.the wires are strng though you wont have to worry about those much but they're exposed.

q40>xb1000 in terms of sound and bass. q40=m50 in terms of everything.   cable is very long, great for movement during sessions and can be used to mix clearly.The bass is big, but doesn't overpower the mids or highs due to the choice of fabric they used on the headphone cups.The clamping was bad at first, ears sore as doodoo after 35 minutes.

Basshead headphone with no compromises


Pros: BASS!, great midrange, smooth highs, portable, detachable cable, folds up, decent build quality, overall fun sound.

Cons: Slightly thin cable, uncomfortable after some time, high clamping pressure, cheap padding.

Full review here:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/705731/m-audio-q40-full-review-ath-m50-comparison

Not bad for the £49 i got them for brand new!


Pros: Bass, Comfort, Sound Quality

Cons: Build Quality isn't brilliant.

I purchased these brand new for £49 and it was a good buy! They are very bass orientated so if that's not your sort of thing i doubt you will like these that much. The mids and highs sound great even though the bass is so strong. Comfort wise for me personally these are comfortable, but i don't have a large size head or large ears. I have seen some people saying these are uncomfortable and they have changed the pads to some Beyer ones. I could happily listen to these with the stock pads for a long period without them hurting my ears or the top of my head. The build quality doesn't seem brilliant, i own the Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 and the build quality on them seems quite a bit...
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M-Audio Q40 Review


Pros: Nice bass, okay detail

Cons: Pleather pads, exposed cable, treble spike

My audio chain is MP3@320 or FLAC > HiFimeDIY USB Isolator > HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 > Fiio 6" cable > Objective2 w/ 16v 400mA adapter > M-Audio Q40.   There isn't much I have to add to other reviews... They really aren't that great for anything other than bass and moderate detail levels elsewhere. At $60 they would be worth buying.   I advise buying a pair of Samson SR950s instead.

M-Audio Q40, decent basshead 'phone


Pros: Impactful bass, good midrange, good textured sound

Cons: Stock cable, comfort, highs, upper bass muddies up the sound, congested sounding sometimes

The M-Audio Q40 is the first high quality headphone I've owned, despite this I can still be honest and accurate about the qualities of this 'phone without overselling it. Let's start with the build quality and design. The plastic that this headphone is mostly constructed out of is rigorous and it'd take quite a bit of effort to break and in no way feels cheap, brittle or flimsy. The headband is malleable to a degree, but I'd be careful and not overestimate it's flexibility or test it's limits because it's definitely capable of being bent or stretched to any head shape, --- which I've actually gotten it to do for me, despite my larger than average head. The headphone cups are good too,...
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M-Audio Studiophile Q40 - A smooth bassy treat on a dime


Pros: Bassy, Good Mids, Smooth Treble, Detachable Cable, Foldable, Carry Bag, Easy to Drive

Cons: Tight clamp force, shallow stock cups

  M-Audio "Studiophile" Q40  A smooth bassy treat on a dime.   Always on the prowl for a new headphone to try, I do at least have a taste that steers me towards one versus another, and that's bass capability. I tend to think a headphone that is to be used for casual music listening should be bass capable, ie, neutral at a minimum, and slightly enhanced if wanting a bit more fun regardless of it being "audiophile" worth or not to like a colored sound. That said, a headphone came to my attention on the recommendation of RPGWizard (thanks!) here on Head-Fi: The M-Audio Q40. So naturally I had to try it, as it was supposed to be a bassy headphone with a great over all...
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