Two Models, The Old Crappy and the new Goody

A Review On: M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers

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Pros: Fun sound, more than enough volume,

Cons: Apartment Dwellers should consider the AV 30

The old version of the AV 40 to my understanding is not only ugly, but also not very good.

The new AV 40 (pictured above) is quite handsome and musical, not unlike myself.


Build Quality

Build is solid, fairly heavy for their size. Appear to be MDF construction. Nice amplification specs and not hiss or buzzing. Come with an ok input av plug, nothing special there. Ported in the rear.Blue light is ever present when on, doesn't bother me at all. Over all they feel like you could easily bludgeon a home invader into a deep relaxing coma in a pinch.



The new model has no bass boost, that alone was probably the most complained about feature on the old model. The new model has good bass with straight EQ settings. It does drift off at 40hz, with almost nothing at 30hz. I would not try to EQ in more bass either, my experience is a more than a 10% tweak at the low end really throws the sound off.  With rock music it becomes clear that these are a little bass heavy. Most other genres it isn't as accentuated. Heavy, punchy, and pretty tight.



I'm not very good at describing mids, but I will give it my best. They seem accurate and clean, not over done. Overshadowed perhaps by the bass highs but not muddied by them. 



I had to edit this. They are smoother than I remembered. I would say they are equal to the mids in that they are not emphasized but not recessed. They are just kind of there. Detail is good.



Enough to fill a moderately sized room. These go to 11 and scream on to 12,13, and 14 if the source allows them to with no hiccups or distortion. These sound best at mid to moderate volume. High volume (near max or maxed out) they really throw out some wicked bass for a small 2.0 system. Overkill for a dorm room situation.


Sound stage.

Imaging is as good as can be expected from a 2.0 system. Decent separation and stereo.



Your mileage will vary. I got mine a couple years ago for a price lower that what is available now days. 


They are very musical, terrifically loud, and fairly affordable. I would buy them again.

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Nice little review!  I had these too and am wondering if they match up well to the Audioengine a5+.  Would really like to know from someone.  I thought these went well below the 80hz mark unlike it says on the specs.  In my experience more like 50 - 60 hz in my room.  Good value for the money for sure.