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A Review On: M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers

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Pros: Decent Balance, Clear sound, Better than most "computer speakers"

Cons: Lacking bass (to be expected), questionable workmanship, horrible customer support

I use these speakers at work, day in and day out. Using the supplied cables straight out of an iMac, they sound awful. Instead, I'm using a iBasso D7 and a Belkin PureAV cable and it really cleans up the sound a lot.


They are relatively well balanced speakers. A bit muddy prior to burn-in, but they're much better now. The bass is certainly lacking, but that's to be expected with such a small cabinet. The "Bass Boost" on the back does nothing but make it boomy, so I leave it off. 


As with most near-field speakers, they are very directional, so it really helps to keep them aimed at your ears (tilted in and up, in my case). 


One day, after only moderate use and turning them off at the end of each work day, the internal amp started smoking. I smelled burning and literally saw smoke coming out of the back. I unplugged it and ran it outside quickly, calling M-Audio (AVID) just moments later. They didn't even care. They wanted to charge me to talk to them, even though I was still within the 1 year warranty. After arguing with no fewer than 5 people, I finally got them to agree to replace them (like that was even a question?). 


They're a decent value and sound okay for the price. Certainly suffices for office use, especially since I normally use my Westone 4Rs anyway. That being said, I would never buy these again. Horrible company, horrible support, and from my experience and others I hear online, very questionable craftsmanship. 


Save up and buy the AudioEngine 5+ instead.


The *** you put up with? Who is to say you have to "put up with" my opinion?
It is exactly that—MY opinion. Take it for what it's worth but I don't need to be chastised for trying to be helpful.
And for what it's worth, no, I was not implying that a $10 cable (alone) made a world of difference. I'm saying that a much better source with a sturdier cable made a difference. You're welcome to come listen to the difference through my "toy" speakers.
I'm just trying to help others out.
The only thing you can possibly do with a comment as stupid as that is ignore it.
You are helping others and your review is definitely worthwhile. Keep it up!
Excellent professional review jchandler. Very balanced and fair. Many other people would have gotten spiteful but you stayed a steady hand without any emotional colouring adding what was not needed. I was thinking of getting these but will stick to my Insignia Bass Reflex, JBL Control One and Bose Companion II bookshelves for now. Maybe i'll look into those AudioEngine 5+ when the money is there. Cheers!