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M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers Reviews

Positive Reviews


Two Models, The Old Crappy and the new Goody


Pros: Fun sound, more than enough volume,

Cons: Apartment Dwellers should consider the AV 30

The old version of the AV 40 to my understanding is not only ugly, but also not very good. The new AV 40 (pictured above) is quite handsome and musical, not unlike myself.   Build Quality Build is solid, fairly heavy for their size. Appear to be MDF construction. Nice amplification specs and not hiss or buzzing. Come with an ok input av plug, nothing special there. Ported in the rear.Blue light is ever present when on, doesn't bother me at all. Over all they feel like you could easily bludgeon a home invader into a deep relaxing coma in a pinch.   Bass: The new model has no bass boost, that alone was probably the most complained about feature on the old model....
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Negative Reviews


Good while it worked.


Pros: Balanced sound

Cons: Relatively short life span.

For all intensive purposes, these are good sounding speakers. They're well balanced, not super punchy on the bass, and are reasonably accurate for the casual ear. It's nice to have headphone outputs for times you want to keep the music down if someone else in the room doesn't want to listen to what you're listening to at the time. However, that's pretty much where the good things end. After about using these speakers for 16 months (so they're beyond their 1 year warranty), they developed an annoying oscillating buzz when there's nothing playing, and the buzz is there when there is music playing. Volume speaker light is also non functional, and this happened at the same time as the...
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More Reviews


Good for what they are, "my first studio monitor"


Pros: Overall balance, quality.

Cons: If you are a basshead, look elsewhere

My review is much too long to paste here, so the full-length-review can be found here.   I will however summarize my review quickly, and expand a bit on it:   These are a good choice if you are a producer on an extremely tight budget - as a "my first studio monitor" speaker Sound stage and imaging capabilities are much better than you would expect for a $130 speaker The amplifiers give off a slight hiss Tonal balance is somewhat dependent on volume setting: From a bit dark on low volumes to bright on high volumes They don't have what qualifies as sub bass, but again: They don't pretend to, and do a good job in the rest of the frequency range  ...
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Great speakers at a great price, But not without flaws.


Pros: Low price, high quality, very good sound for the price.

Cons: In comparison to my K702's the speakers are missing some details.

For the price these are some great speakers. You won't do much better with any other computer speakers, except of course, getting more expensive studio monitors. I noticed a few missing details in comparison to my AKG K 702. Overall the speakers are good quality for a fair price. 

You get what you pay for


Pros: Decent Balance, Clear sound, Better than most "computer speakers"

Cons: Lacking bass (to be expected), questionable workmanship, horrible customer support

I use these speakers at work, day in and day out. Using the supplied cables straight out of an iMac, they sound awful. Instead, I'm using a iBasso D7 and a Belkin PureAV cable and it really cleans up the sound a lot.   They are relatively well balanced speakers. A bit muddy prior to burn-in, but they're much better now. The bass is certainly lacking, but that's to be expected with such a small cabinet. The "Bass Boost" on the back does nothing but make it boomy, so I leave it off.    As with most near-field speakers, they are very directional, so it really helps to keep them aimed at your ears (tilted in and up, in my case).    One day, after...
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