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M-Audio BX5 D2

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Pros: Great accurate sound,loud,build quality

Cons: No RCA input,Better looking monitors out there,Bass is a bit less







M AUDIO BX5 D2 is a studio monitor,which means that it is mostly used for mixing in studios but that doesn't mean it's not a good desktop speakers in terms of audio quality atleast.I mainly use these monitors as desktop speakers with a little bit of video and audio editing.The advantage of having monitors over headphones in editing is that we can hear how the sound comes out of speakers,not everyone uses headphone.





Not the most user friendly monitors

These monitors have class A/B amplifiers with 1 inch 30w silk dome driver and 40w low frequency driver with a 3khz crossover frequency.

M Audio monitors have a very good build quality and comes in only black which may put off some buyers who prefer a bit of style to their monitors,they are better off buying KRK studio monitors,the styling of the monitors is also a bit bland but the low frequency drivers are having a kevlar cone.The BX5 D2 are active studio monitors they are also Biamplified meaning they have 2 drivers for both the low frequency and high frequency i can definitely see a huge advantage with this design the audio quality is much more accurate,with the high frigh frequency drivers seperated in an enclosure.Because these speakers are studio monitors they should be positioned correctly for best performance,the 2 lights in both speakers should be pointed at your eyes,when the light is brightest they are positioned correctly.It takes some trial and error to get the correct placement.For those who are looking for desktop speakers BX5 D2 may not be ideal because it doesn't have a lot of connectivity options,these are mainly designed to be used in a studio not as a desktop speakers,Audioengine A5+ is a better option for those who are looking to buy a good pc speaker.They provide a more consumer friendly sound by having more colored bass but also reasonably accurate sounding they also have front facing volume knob and have rca outputs at the back.As for the connectivity of BX5,it has a TRS balanced and unbalanced and a balance XLR output and that is it,no rca or 3.5,If you are willing to sacrifice on the connectivity and the bland design you will be surprised at the level of sonic performance of these studio monitors.





Since i only currently own a ASUS XONAR U7 USB soundcard i was a bit hesitant to connect the BX5 D2 to it,because i was a little afraid of hearing the sound coming from a cheap soundcard.To my surprise on connecting the studio monitors to the soundcard the sound was actually quite amazing,i knew that the U7 had a good DAC inside,but because it is made mainly with gamers in mind and considering the price difference between the studio monitors and the soundcard i was actually blown away by the performance.I have given the BX5 D2 a week for burning in,after a week i have noticed that the sound quality was better with more punchy bass and the sound was more clear and accurate.First thing you should know before you buy this studio monitors is that the weakness of this monitors is the bass,i am not saying there is no bass but if you mainly listen to rap and dance,you may find the bass a bit lacking compared to monitors from KRK or JBL,but other than that the sound quality is stellar,with amazing instrument seperation and soundstage,good high,mid and low frequency performance.I liked the bass of the speakers,they are punchy and doesn't overstay their welcome.Because these studio monitors are accurate sounding monitors,low bitrate mp3 files are punished severely,they sound harsh and unpleasent and we can hear the noise inside the low bit rate music and also some youtube videos.This is another indication that this monitors are not consumer friendly.Because i mainly listen to high bit rate mp3 and flac files,the performance is great even with a cheap soundcard.Dark Knight sound track is absolutely a blast to listen through these monitors,with the instruments transitioning from one left monitor to right seamlessly creating the feeling that your are sitting right in front of a concert.But i have got a feeling that if i used a more expensive dedicated DAC like Audio Engine D1 or Schiit combo the performance will be a lot better.I have noticed the soundcard bottlenecking the monitors with weaker bass and narrower soundstage,be sure to purchase a good budget DAC if you decide to buy the M Audio BX5 D2.





I listen to wide variety of genres,i mainly listen to artists like Adele,MJ,Lacuna Coil,Within Temptation,Guns and Roses and i love indie songs,dance,trance as you can see i have listen to almost all kind of music,and if you are like me you will love the sound of these monitors.They sound good with almost all kinds of music,i found the D2 to sound the best with flat equalizer setting but turning up the low frequency might actually be a benifit.





I did not expect this level of audio fidelity when i watched Captain America Winter Soldier Bluray with M AUDIO BX5 D2,Dolby HTV4 movie settings help to take benifit of DTS audio of the bluray,giving a immersive experience like you are sitting in a dedicated 5.1,when i turned off the dolby the soundstage was a bit less and the explosions and action scenes are less punchier.I would advice that equalizer settings might actually be a benifit for gaming and movies.Subwoofer like M AUDIO SBX10 will be a huge benifit if you need more bass.I found the movie experience to be better with 2 channel movies with studio monitors than 5.1 speakers.


Logitech z506 is just for show now




I am happy to say that i have taken the right choice in purchasing M AUDIO BX5 D2 because i want my music to be accurate which is also a great help with editing and mixing.These studio monitors are also a great desktop speakers,providing great immersive experience with both movies and games.Overall it's not the best value for money studio monitors out there mainly because they omitted the RCA outputs and the 2 volume dials and 2 power connectors on 2 monitors is not the best user friendly experience you can have at this price.But considering the performance of the studio monitors i say this is well worth the price atleast for me.


NOTE:I had a strange experience with the cables,i found the local trs cable to sound better than the HOSA cable which is double the price.I also found the Hosa Cable to produce a weaker sound on the right monitor but after changing the cables to the local ones,i found the performance to be a bit louder and better.

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M-Audio BX5 D2

The M-Audio BX studio monitor series is trusted by more musicians and recording professionals than any other. Now, the BX5 D2 monitors extend the bestsellers' legacy with an elegant new design inside and out. We leveraged technology from our high-end monitors to extend the frequency response and provide an even more natural listening experience. custom Class A/B analog amplifiers deliver superior dynamcis and tonal accuracy across the frequency spectrum-while the lastest-generation woven Kevlar low-frequency drivers and waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeters provide rich, defined sound. With the BX5 D2, you'll enjoy the utmost accuracy in an engaging listening experience.

FeatureBi-amplified design with 70 watts of distributed power for cohesive, accurate sound 5 Inch low-frequency drivers with Kevlar cones for rich, defined lows 1 Inch high-frequency drivers with natural solk domes and integrated waveguides for smooth, clear highs Optimized rear ports for extended low-frequency response Magnetic shielding eliminates interference with other electronic wquipment
LabelAvid Technology, Inc.
ManufacturerAvid Technology, Inc.
PublisherAvid Technology, Inc.
StudioAvid Technology, Inc.
TitleM-Audio BX5 D2
Warranty1 year
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement4751017 99006517400
Item Height9.9 inches
Item Length7.7 inches
Item Weight21.8 pounds
Item Width6.9 inches
Package Height11.3 inches
Package Length18.1 inches
Package Weight24.05 pounds
Package Width14.1 inches
ProductGroupMusical Instruments
UPCList - UPCListElement724643114015
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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