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Luxman P-700u


Pros: ultra rich nuance reproduction, Pure Class A, Full discrete, Full balanced, No noise and No channel imbalance electric control attenuator called LECUA

Cons: treble little bit too soft which tame HD800s treble, sound little bit too slow and too soft

Chord Hugo etc + Luxman P-700u + HD600/650/800 combo sounds really heavenly!

with this combo, HD800(modified, balanced) sounds no harshness at all.

Slightly warm and soft sounding not analytical. Sound very smooth and organic and massive rich nuances.You can hear every flaw of your DACs.


FYI some infos.



0.0035% at 8 Ohms load 1kHz 1W

0.0020% at 16 Ohms load 1kHz 1W

S/N ratio

RCA in > Unbalance Out : 110 dB

XLR in > Balance out: 115dB

Luxman P-700u

P-700u is a fully balanced pure class A high-end headphone amplifier. It has LECUA, luxman original electronic volume system and ODNF-3.0A, original NFB system.

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http://www.luxman.com/product.php?pid=30 (in English)

http://www.luxman.co.jp/product/p-700u (in Japanese)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf_CPhotpLw (Luxman P-700u interview FUJIYAAVIC YouTube channel in Japanese)


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