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Luxman P-700u


Pros: Pure Class A, Full discrete, Full balanced, No noise and No channel imbalance digital attenuator called LECUA

Cons: none at all

SA-11S3 + P-700u + HD600/650 or TH900 combo sounds really heavenly!.

Sounds no harshness at all compare to cheap amps such as O2 etc.

Slightly warm sounding not analytical. Sound very smooth and organic.

I you want a end game headphone amp, This is it. Period.


FYI some infos.



0.0035% at 8 Ohms load 1kHz 1W

0.0020% at 16 Ohms load 1kHz 1W

S/N ratio

RCA in > Unbalance Out : 110 dB

XLR in > Balance out: 115dB

Luxman P-700u

P-700u is a fully balanced pure class A high-end headphone amplifier. It has LECUA, luxman original electronic volume system and ODNF-3.0A, original NFB system.

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http://www.luxman.com/product.php?pid=30 (in English)

http://www.luxman.co.jp/product/p-700u (in Japanese)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf_CPhotpLw (Luxman P-700u interview FUJIYAAVIC YouTube channel in Japanese)


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