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A very good amp for it price

A Review On: Luxman P 200

Luxman P 200

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Pros: very good match for low impedance japanese headphone or even HD800

Cons: more power is needed if driving magnetic planar headphone

The Luxman  P-200 is one of the best headphone amp around the world, Its high-power output circuit consists of pure class A with 2 watts/8 ohms achieved by the parallel push-pull configured power transistor is embedded in the compact chassis of as small as B4 size. You can enjoy the world of direct listening that can be created only by Luxman, famous in its Dynamism, Delicacy, and Richness. The 2 headphone terminals are for stereo mini plug as well as standard type output that allows you to directly connect to your normal hifi headphone or small in-ear monitor earphones to play with high sound quality. The throughout output also provides possibility to connect with other hi-end hi-fi devices.


If you're looking for an amplifier that not only sounds superb but is constructed as exquisitely as a fine Patek Philippe watch, you are looking at thr right thing. Luxman's emphasis is on reproducing natural music, with lots of warmth, detail; not frightening it into scaring up non-existent detail, which is sometimes described as etched. Luxman's engineer's are fanatical in their attention to detail; while they spend a lot of time analyzing how components perform on their test equipment, the final arbiter is the listening evaluations. Is the product able to play music, convey the emotion, reproduce the ambience of the venue as well as the timbre of each instrument, distinctly. This is where Luxman shines.


Luxman have long championed the use of Class A power for its richness of timbre and absence of listening fatigue.

Because the transistors in a Pure Class-A amplifier are never switched off, there is obviously no crossover distortion (there is no crossover - where one transistor turns off, and the other supplies the load current). Notice the uninterrupted curve above on the right. The amplifier is always fully charged and ready to allow the music flow spontaneously, with a dynamic, fast response time, the music is rich & sweet.



If there’s a conclusion to be made here it is simply that the Luxman P-200 will not interfere with your music. It will neither paint it with an artificial tube glow, nor will it chill it with a solid-state glare. It will not mask it, make it better or worse. But with great recordings, it has an amazing ability to reveal more of what’s there. And for me, that’s just what the doctor ordered.


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