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A Review On: Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System

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Pros: plenty of decent sound, big base, so easy to install, very felxible in application

Cons: sub can be a little droney, mid range sound slightly lacking

I got these in 2006 for $460 in Australia.


The main reason for purchasing was to watch movies and play music from an iMac. We ran an Optical cable to the receiver/controller for 99.9% of the signal inputs. They've sat in our lounge/dining space (4m x 8m) and absolutely rocked the place for music at parties, shaken the crockery in the kitchen watching films and then played nicely balanced music at a sane level for background sounds. You can play these at max volume and neither the satellites or sub distort the sound. We've done it for some parties and they just rocked the night. Next day, back to normal. Almost 7 years on they still pump music out, they would on average be used 6-8 hours per day. Music is always on in our house,


They're well built with signs of being well thought out. The speaker stands swivel from table/desk mount to a wall mount with holes for screws and angle the speakers down just nicely. The control unit is discreet, the remote simple to use and really the only tricky part is locating the sub.


There are some really detailed reviews here on these speakers and I'd agree with each comment. Yes mid range is a little weak and sometimes the sub is a little droney if you're listening to some lowish frequency sounds - music or videos. The bass really can punch hard, the sub is a big box, it has the amp in it, switching for power to the processor/brainbox that is limited to 6' from the box by the cable. The instructions are very clear - DON'T USE EXTENSION CORDS. It does create some placement challenges. Buying a 5m optical cable solved some of the problems though.


I guess you could spend megabucks on some brand name sound systems but I don't know if you'd get the return for the extra money spent. I've taken these down, put in another system then a week later put the Logitechs back because they did a better job, took less space up and I missed them!


If you see a set around and want a quite compact satellite speaker system, that punches well above it's price and apparent specs suggest then get these. You won't find mine up for sale!


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