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Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System Reviews


Big Bang


Pros: everything

Cons: it doesnt make coffee

Ill keep this short and sweet. I've had mine for four years and it has done every duty in the book that a set of speakers can do. Its been moved back and forth from dorm to dorm, apartment to apartment - all the while ensuring Im kicked out as soon as I arrive. These things rock!   The small speakers do tend to be outclassed by the bass driver. They get loud, but the dont project very well. This set is best suited for near-field use to medium sized bedrooms. Also, this set is perfectly acceptable as a bedroom surround system, its simply fantastic. I would buy again if this were to die.

Great for the money


Pros: Strong bottom end. Not high and shrieky like others in the same price range

Cons: Bottom end over-bearing. Crossover point poor. Imaging? NO.

Hey the bang for your buck ratio is great for these. I got them years ago for $500. I've been using them to replace the little tin box in my TV for years. The satellite surrounds are ignored/not installed for me most of the time as I just don't watch much surround sound. Otherwise a great little set. Would really rock on a PC I suppose if you set it up with 5.1 games. I'll have to try it one day.   This system will not replace anything close to a dedicated listening stereo. But a general noise maker? It fits the bill fine.

I. Will. Never. Sell.


Pros: Bass. 3d sound. Immersive. Realistic. Powerful. Sexy.

Cons: Uhh...

this was (you cant buy it anymore as new) really the best all-in-one pc 5.1 surround sound system. basta.

Brilliant all rounder


Pros: plenty of decent sound, big base, so easy to install, very felxible in application

Cons: sub can be a little droney, mid range sound slightly lacking

I got these in 2006 for $460 in Australia.   The main reason for purchasing was to watch movies and play music from an iMac. We ran an Optical cable to the receiver/controller for 99.9% of the signal inputs. They've sat in our lounge/dining space (4m x 8m) and absolutely rocked the place for music at parties, shaken the crockery in the kitchen watching films and then played nicely balanced music at a sane level for background sounds. You can play these at max volume and neither the satellites or sub distort the sound. We've done it for some parties and they just rocked the night. Next day, back to normal. Almost 7 years on they still pump music out, they would on average be...
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Paul Graham

Hard Hitting PC System.


Pros: Fantastic for small spaces. Phenomenal Bass. Punchy controlled sound as well as having the ability to sweep nice and low! V.Loud if required!

Cons: Cable is not the best. Control Pod cable can NOT be extended by using a vga cable. No control over EQ. No line out.

I'll put a proper review up later when i have more time.   Very quick notes for now,    The reasons behind me buying this were simple, We had just moved back to my parents and thus 99% of my Hi-Fi had to go into storage.   This presented a compact ( excluding the sub lol ) solution to my need for better sound than standard tv/computer speakers.   It certainly delivered 2 years ago and still does now!   The bass this system is capable off is Phenomenal.   Very versatile on the input side offering both analogue and digital inputs.   No line or pre-outs however!   Standard cables aren't fantastic.  ...
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Powerfull yet cheap


Pros: Powerfull for movie n game,cheap

Cons: not good for music

Yet for entry level Hometheater there is no deal better than this

Very good for the price


Pros: Variety of digital input formats and Dolby formats, remote, non-fatiguing sound

Cons: Typical crossover resonance, sub-bass resonance

When I decided to replace my crappy Creative Inspire P7800 7.1 Surround Speakers System with something a lot better, I was not after high-end surround sound for audio production or crazy audiophile home theater–I only wanted something that sounded fairly good and has a good sub-bass extension, so I can feel all the visceral power of video game action and movies. Even though I'm quite happy with my JVC/Victor SU-DH1 hardware Dolby Headphone virtual surround, no matter how good Dolby Headphone is for creating the illusion of surround sound, it’s still not quite as real as real surround sound (even though the hardware version of Dolby Headphone already sounds far superior to the software...
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Nice System bought on Ebay


Pros: Great sound options

Cons: Large Sub

I have this system hooked to my Gateway pc. I have it run through an Audiotrak Prodigy Cube via USB and toslink to an Oppo player. No problems with backlight so far.   I can listen to DVD-A's and SACD's with the Oppo and get great 5.1 sound out of this system. Sound from realtek soundcard on pc sounds awesome too. Never figured out how to get 5.1 via Winamp though.   I have enjoyed this for a few years now. If you can still find it I would highly recommend it if you spend many hours in front of a pc.

Review From PC Gamer's Perspective


Pros: Optical input; Punchy bass; Good cable lengths supplied; Remote control; Removable speaker covers.

Cons: Display backlight failure common; Blue LED for power button dazzlingly bright in a darkened room.

The Review It says it all that after so many years these are still the top of the line in Logitech's PC speaker range. While many will be put off with the high asking price, they are worth every penny, and I don't say that lightly.   I picked mine up in 2008 on a special offer from Amazon and since then have never even considered upgrading. The convenience of having my PS3 connected over optical and my PC hooked up over 3x3.5mm mini-jacks was my main reason for justifying the expense. Having used them now for a couple of years the full 5.1 audio while gaming has become something it's very hard to play with out - anyone still playing with the speakers built into their TV or...
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Good value for the monie


Pros: tons of inputs and processing

Cons: delicate pod, THX certification is a gimmick

Great speakers for gaming and movies in a small to medium room, definetely this would not replace a dedicated setup for home teather but they have tons of inputs, an awful but handy remote and a extremely delicate pod that as i know now always breaks but at least it keeps working
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