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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great for Big ears, Good enough sound, Love the external buttons, awesome price


Pros: Wireless, great sound, big ear cups,

Cons: So so mic, sometimes there's interference

I'm not one that likes over the hear head phones (I'm an in-ear type of guy) but my only comparison to this style of headphones is the Beyerdynamic DT770 . I know you guys will probably crusify me for making this comparison, but it's my only reference point. I love these headphones and for $59.99 you can't go wrong. I've had these for 2 weeks and I love them.  They have great sound and I love the wireless capabilities. I wanted a headset I could use on my computer that didn't sound as terrible as the Logitech h390's. And the real truth is I wanted something to buy that felt like it had a ton of value.  This is it!  So check out my video as I talk more about it.  ...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Mic had good directionality/noise cancelling, battery life started out decent.

Cons: Heavy, CONSTANT disconnects, battery aging, bad/very buggy drivers.

To put it bluntly, I'm never buying another Logitech headset ever again. Logitech is well aware of the issues that these headsets have, and still continue to produce defective merchandise/software. I had the G930 for about a year before I bought the G430, it was disconnecting every five to ten minutes, and often wouldn't reconnect for an entire minute or two at a time, accompanied by a rather annoying beep. This was exacerbated by the fact that the battery life started shortening rather quickly, to the point where I had to have it plugged in constantly or risk it not being able to connect at all.   The driver could probably have been coded better by an intern fresh out of college....
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For Wireless, You Give and You Take


Pros: Wireless, Circumaural, Macro Keys

Cons: Audio Quality

I purchased these because my original gaming headset have been attacked by my rabbit. I understand that you make sacrifices when you purchase a wireless headset. I'm not a huge fan of this headset, but it gets the job done and I've come to terms with that. Yes, it is true that you need the software running in order to use the surroundsound and also to equalize the headset. I've never had a problem with the software Equalizing the headset is a must, I found that the mids are very recessed. It's difficult to describe in what ways in regards to audio quality that this headset is lacking. It can be kind of hollow sounding at times and also the surround sound may be regarded by some as a...
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Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort

Cons: Software

So - I must say - that the audio quality on these is absolutely phenomenal. Crisp, clear, detailed sound all around. Mids are absolutely wonderful, bass is phenomenal (and can be adjusted with the software), and highs are great.   Isolation doesn't seem that good when you first put them on, but when you start to play something, it goes straight up.   I saw little to no perceived audio quality loss with the wireless aspect of the headphones. Logitech uses it's own USB stick - this is not a low-bitrate Bluetooth connection. You won't get sound from these like you would get with $500 cans, but these are phenomenal for their price nonetheless.   The surround sound has...
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Lux Nocte

Logitech G930 review

Retail Price: 160 USD (You may be able to get it for a minimum of 110 off ebay or amazon)   Accessories: The box comes with a software CD and a round USB dock to connect the wireless bit to, as well as charge the headset from. I quite like this idea of having the mini dock. It is not sticking out of your computer so you don't risk the chance of it being yanked out accidentally. The software is a whole different story that I will get to.   Build Quality: The cans have a very nice hard leather feel. The buttons are just a bit resistant though. Connecting the speakers to the headband is a strong glossy plastic piece, but the hinges that connect the pieces feel quite weak,...
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