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A Review On: Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears Noise-Isolating Earphones (NEWEST 2014 VERSION)

Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears Noise-Isolating Earphones (NEWEST 2014 VERSION)

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Pros: Accessories, Soundstage, Customer service

Cons: A little light on bass

I decided to purchase the new model UE 900s instead of the UE 900 because of some build quality changes and added accessories. 



Packaging - The packaging is very nice and they fit a lot into the fairly small box. Everything is quite elegant looking


Accessories - There are tons of accessories. There are many sizes of silicon and foam eartips to choose from, including spares of each one. There are 2 different headphone cables (one with a mic and 3 button, one without), a hard carrying case, and some connector cleaning gel


Build quality - What UE has promised that it has improved the build quality, and going to a more unibody design, and that has been my impressions so far. I feel the build quality is better than the outgoing UE 900 model.


Sound - The sound is quite good. They have very good mids and highs, they are a bit light on the bass so know that if you like a little heavier bass with your IEMs. 


the reviews section is not the place for you to complain about how you got screwed over by some random amazon seller
if you really want to post this somewhere do it on the actual boards
same here , not the right place fella .
In fact is not all the same compare to the old model, it have the same BA but not the filters and some sort of glue things~~
I didn't get screwed over by a random Amazon seller, my purchase was from a Logitech authorized dealer. This has been discussed on the boards as many of us who purchased from Logitech and their authorized dealers have been shipped the wrong product. In fact, not a single person so far that has purchased the UE 900s has gotten the 900s, they've all gotten the 900 packed in a 900s box. It wasn't my idea to bring this to the reviews section, but that of the many people on the UE 900 board. I can remove it if that's what I am supposed to do, but I was told this was the best way to warn the masses about the issues that people are having with the UE 900s.
I have updated my post to be a review of what I received in box with my UE 900s purchase. It should now conform to the guidelines for reviews on Head-Fi.
You guys have to understand this though, the reviewer bought an updated version of the UE900, the UE900s. Instead he received the older UE900, which doesn't have the improved build quality of the 900s. I'd be mad aswell, heres a vid about it.
Wao, is really shock me if it is really truth~~ I though the old model is call the UE900VI and the new model is call the UE900S, and the box is not the same too (old model with black box which my brother owned it and new model comes with the white box).....I was told by a local dealers today that the changes of the new model are:
1 New filter that gives more bass 
2 Different frequency divider
3 Newly design quad BAs 
4 Different carrying case
5 More tips
6 Small red dot near the cable connector to differentiate left and right
7 Some sort of improvement on the glue things which I really not sure exactly what is it......
and things that not included in the new model are
1 6.35mm adapter
2 Airline adapter
3 Pouch for carrying case
I have spoken to Logitech and have gotten to the bottom of things. I will update my review to reflect the new info I have.
Hope Logitech will give you a more detail specification about these 2 models as its really make the consumers confuse and thanks very much for your reviews 
A quick update, I know it's been over 6 months. Logitech was really good to work with when it came to the issue of the 900 and 900s. The newer has been available for sale for a few months (the all blue unibody). I have the newer model and I find the sound signature to be quite similar to the outgoing model (which I like very much). The build quality seems a bit better as there appears to be fewer places that the headphones could fail. The accessories included are top notch. I have updated my original review to reflect my thoughts on the newer model now that they are available for everyone