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Excellent for the price

A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Pros: Sub bass, Lower mids, Imaging, Overall SQ, Comfort

Cons: Upper mids a bit recessed, Treble could be better, Slight hissing in active mode

***** DISCLAIMER - Comments in this review are based on the value of the headphones, they are good for the money and it is all relative to the cost of them compared to other headphones of similar price, compared to more expensive headphones these are obviously not as good.****

Sub bass - Present all the way to the limit of hearing and snappy when EQ - Not perfect but good...  Some songs the bass sounds bad...

Mid bass - Little bit loose at times but I have heard worse in the price bracket, good but not great.

Lower mids - Actually really good I think even at twice the price, the imaging and rich sound of the lower mids is one of the best I have heard at £100-£150.

Upper mids - Too recessed but they still sound decent... I think this headphone would be  better if 3Khz and up were a bit brighter and more detailed. Still good for the money and fits well with the rest of the sound.

Lower treble - Again this is recessed but to me this is better than sibilance. Some grain and sibilance but not bad, no more sibilance than is present in the recording, I would like the treble on these to be a bit more refined / smoother as well as a few DB brighter.

Upper treble - Again a bit recessed along with everything over about 3 khz but the quality is pretty good and better than excessive brightness. You can get better headphones for treble for the same money, but these have a well rounded overall sound.

Soundstage - Not huge but pretty good for a closed headphone, I like the presentation, sounds less hollow than M50 and has a nice 3D effect at times. I have never thought to myself that they sound excessively small or closed in.

Overall - Good especially for modern genres such as electronic music, hip hop etc. Although you could get better if you listen to only metal, rock or classical for example, as an all rounder though... good value. They Could have a bit more / better quality treble but I prefer this to excessive brightness and sibilance, slightly peaky at 7-11Khz, and I would prefer if the sound above about 2khz was a bit more refined and smoother. I think if you prefer a darker sound and like modern genres, especially anything electronic and bass these are good.


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