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A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Vero Golf Champ
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Pros: Smooth, Detailed, Bass, Comfort, Looks

Cons: Noise cancellation is poor, Not very sensitive, Dull without batteries, Long burn in

I'm running these from a Galaxy Note 2 via an FiiO Andes E07k. Material is solely Spotify Premium these days (set to what they deem to be "Extreme Quality"). I listen to a wide range of music but favour pop, hip hop and classic rock.

These cans really had me worried at first. Initially they sounded like a blanket had been thrown over the music. Even after running them in for a week or so I was grabbing my Sony MDR V55s instead when I headed out the door. Most of my listening is done outside when I walk the dog or take the bus or train instead of the car. So for over a month I was quite disappointed despite getting them for a song (apologies) from Amazon and the fact that I love the design (white looks better I reckon) and the comfort. I was so concerned that I replaced the stock cable with a cheapish white Belkin "mixr" flat job. Didn't seem to make any difference to the sound at the time but it's shorter which works better for me and is less gaudy than the stock blue one imo.

Anyway after maybe fifty hours the bass cleaned up its act and is no longer outclassed by the Sony's. The MDR V55s have nice tight, punchy and extended bass so were a hard act to follow down low. I should mention I only listen with the noise cancellation on as they seem quite flat and lacking dynamically with it switched off. Bassheads like myself should be happy with the Logitechs. The midrange is now buttery smooth with no grain and plenty of detail. Treble is sweet but seems a touch rolled off compared to the brighter
Sony 'phones.

One annoyance is I often forget to turn them off and so the batteries keep draining. Passive noise isolation is good but the active noise cancellation is nothing to write home about. Having said that my girlfriend was impressed when she hooked them up to her Ipad Air to study while I watched TV. Comfort is excellent and build quality is streets ahead of my MDR V55s if not in the VModa league (but what is? M100s are next on my wish list, 50mm drivers, mmmmm).

In conclusion I heartily recommend the UE6000s, especially at 85USD. Get in quick as the new model will probably be back around the 200 dollar mark. Crapple are still flogging them for the equivalent of 300USD down here in NZ. And probably best not to listen to them much until you've let them run in for at least two days straight.

1 Comment:

I have both the black and the white, and you reckon correctly lol. White version is a head turner, plain and simple.
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