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A decent sounding portable headphone!

A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Pros: Warm and nonoffensive sound. Unique look. Comfortable (for me).

Cons: The somewhat rolled off treble might dissuade some people from purchasing these. The earpads are not removable.

In my honest opinion, these headphones are worth the current price tag. For an active noise cancelling headphone, it really can't hurt to try these if you are in the market for a pair of headphones. When Logitech bought out Ultimate Ears, they wanted to enter the headphone market by creating a headphone that was priced fairly, and had the potential to beat out more expensive headphones.


You get the headphones themselves, a carrying pouch, a really nice durable feeling headphone cable that is very lightweight, and a headphone splitter.


Comfort, for me, is actually great! These headphones have a bit of weight to them, but i do not feel any discomfort when wearing these. The ear pads go completely around my ears and the headphones provide a decent amount of noise isolation, so i am able to use these outdoors. 


The sound of the UE6000 is really enjoyable, especially considering the price you pay for these nowadays. The headphones are not neutral in any sense of the word. The bass is very warm and defined in the signature. By the way, these headphones actually have two sound signatures since they have active noise cancelling technology. One in passive, and the other in active. But, overall, the bass is very warm and defined in both signatures. The mids have a kind of dryness to them that makes singers voices not sound all that engaging, to my ears anyway. As for the treble, it is somewhat rolled off, and as a result, the soundstage is a bit compressed. You don't get a huge sense of spaciousness in the sound, which might make some people not buy these. Overall, the transition from bass to midrange to treble is decent. I was actually surprised after these were fully burned in. I would recommend these headphones to people that are not audiophiles, and to people who are wanting a good traveling headphone. In terms of the actual noise cancelling feature, it is decent, but nothing special. The Bose QuietComfort 15 headphone are really what you want if your are gonna be traveling. While those headphones don't sound as good as these, they do have the upper hand when it comes to noise cancelling technology.


Thank you for checking out this review!


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