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Great portable HP but not so much for noise cancellation

A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Pros: Very good price performance ratio, good SQ throughout the FR curve, comfortable and good build quality

Cons: the treble could be a little brighter at times, cable remote only works good with Apple gear

I wanted to do a review of the UE6000 over my HE-400 and HD600 because there's plenty on those already. The fact you can get the UE6000 for under $100 now makes them a great price performance HP and even at the $199 they were when they came out is fair imo.


The sound quality is typical UE because they have a nice smooth and warm sound which is how the UE IEM's I've heard all sound. The bass is smooth with good authority and depth as well has been clean and I haven't had any distortion in the lows at all. The go down to 20Hz then tend to start rolling off but that's typical with many HP's. Mids have that smooth warm to them with good clarity and detail, vocals sound very nice. The treble is the one thing that could be better as they do tend to sound subdued and lack some sparkle at times though on a whole they sound nice with good detail and never fatigue at all. As for the over all presentation I think for a closed HP they do very well with good depth and width is average if not a bit above at times. Imaging is good and I can get a good sense of were instruments are especially with live recordings and the separation is also a good part of that.


They're comfortable to me with a nice tight fit but not so tight that your head will hurt though if I'm listening for an extended period of time I'll take them off for a brief moment more so to let my ears breath. The cable is fine for what its used for though I do wish you could move them from side to side but that's not a big deal. Like most people with Android OS they don't work to where you can answer your phone with the controls but I've seen some HP's and IEM's coming out with more Android friendly controls.


That's my short little review of a good HP that imo is great for the price they go for now. I listen to them over my HE-400 and HD600 at home from time to time when I want a smoother warmer sound and yes they are warmer than the HD600 imo which I don't really think sound all that warm.


I concur, I enjoyed the UE 6000 when I had it, for $100 it's really a steal imo! 
Nice to see these getting more and more exposure. I love the warm sound these have. Makes an excellent compliment to my JVC HA-FRD80, an otherwise bright earphone. And unlike those, these are pretty forgiving. Can't wait to see what Logitech UE brings out to replace them. Nice write up!
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