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As my first foray into better quality headphones, pretty damn good.

A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Pros: Solid Build , Enjoyable Bass. Does justice for a broad spectrum of genres

Cons: Blue cable is a bit gawdy for my liking. Active mode is poor.

I'll start by saying that until a few weeks ago I thought beats were pretty good, so I am by no means an Audiophile.


I got onto these headphones due to my recent purchase of a M-Stage Matrix Dac and Desktop Amp to match. It was a bit of an experiment for me as I though that all this Audiophile talk was complete BS. So anyway I hooked these babies up to my beats and was underwhelmed, so I thought perhaps I was right. On a whim I connected the DAC up to a surround sound system I had lying around, set it to stereo and the difference really hit me. After that the beats just didn't compare, so I set out to find a better set of headphones. After the hit of the DAC and Amp I couldn't justify too heavy a cost so I read a review here about these and decided to give them a go. I haven't been disappointed.


I have varied taste in music so I have been putting these through Imogen Heap, Lorde, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Train, Santana, Eminem, 2Pac and the list goes on. Not once did I feel that the headphones were lacking. As an experiment I went back to the beats studios, and now my sister owns a pair of beats studios and I do not. I would say the switch has been like going from listening to music in a club to listening in a live concert, not front row tickets but enjoyable none the less. I don't want to embarrass myself with technical speak I don't understand, but if I had listened to these at the time I'd bought my beats I probably would have saved a good couple of hundred and gotten myself a better pair of headphones.


Anyway in my opinion these are a great starting point for anybody who wants to get excited about how good music can sound. Great bang for buck, build quality is excellent and apart from the gawdy blue cable they look pretty good. Downside is I did not enjoy the active mode at all so it never gets used.


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