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Fantastic At What It Was Built For!

A Review On: Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000

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Pros: Isolation, Accessories, Build, Bass-Mids, Underpriced

Cons: Upper Treble

I prematurely wrote a review on this that wasn't all too positive. However, after about a week, my impressions have changed. I swaer I have been listening to these nonstop. At least for 50 hours.

Really good I think. They are built like Beats actually (studios), with similarities in the folding system, headband cushion, earpads, overall shape, and the active noise canceling. However, the actual materials are of much better quality. There's a good amount of strong plastics and metals within the design giving them a nice weight. The pads though aren't replaceable. I don't care that much since they're only $100 now. [EDIT: They have some creaks now. Very annoying.]

Style: 10/10
I have the black ones (I like the more subtle look) and they look fantastic both on and off the head. I get good impressions from friends and family and whatnot.

Comfort: 7.5/10!
When I first got them, they were a little uncomfortable. The pads were too small, and the clamp was too tight. Now, they are rediculously [EDIT: Somewhat Comfortable] comfortable. I believe the reason for my discomfort was because prior to the UE6000, I had used the MDR MA900 nonstop which is widely known for its low clamp and high comfort.

Other: 10/10
Isolation is the best I've owned. Works wonderfully on the bus and train. In this way, they are totally unique in my collection! I like them the most out of all the portable cans (well, maybe not the momentum or Focal Spirit One, but I'll get that) because of their isolation. They also have a detachable cable, IOS remote, ANC, and a headphone splitter right out of the box.

So far so good right? Let's talk about sound.

After many hours of listening to these things, I have finally adapted to the sound signature. The bass is definitely emphasized. The mids are really nice. They're kind of lush and boxy sounding, but in a good way. I really have learned to like it coming form the WS99/Momentum/1r.

The bass is very tight and very deep. I actually don't mess with the bass when using my EQ since I feel it is in the perfect place quantity and quality wise unlike the 1r or Momentum. These do well with EDM and things of that nature.

The mids are like I said, warm. They might be a little recessed, but when you consider how subtle the highs are,they're almost neutral. Almost but not quite, so I'd give 2-4khz a little boost.

The highs are rolled off... significantly, but they seem rolled off smoothly. No, these don't sound really airy, but they don't sound congested. Many headphones will boost the highs to give the illusion of great instrument separation and sound stage but these actually do without it. No, the soundstage isn't that large, but it has a good shape. For example, the KEF M500. Sure the soundstage has great depth, however, the width leaves a little to be desired. I imagine a long oval with the M500, but with the UE6000 imagine a slightly smaller than average circle. It's a little hard to explain.

With EQ, these are fantastic. However, overall, for rock/Jrock/Metal/Brighter Genres, they aren't very well suited since the warmth and body get a little out of hand. The bass is fast enough, It's deep enough, it's just the highs.

Overall SQ: 7.5/10

Comparisons: Home Use SQ
KEF M500 (better everything except weight and thickness)>M4U(Clearer, more balanced)>Momentum*better detail and resolution, worse soundstage)=ATH WS99(tighter bass, more balanced, better bass texture and quickness)>Focal Spirit One(Sound very similar, UE6000 is more balanced, more weight, FS1 has tighter bass, more intimate vocals)=UE6000=DT770 (More higher, larger soundstage, looser bass, less mids)>Fidelio l1=MDR 1r

On The Go SQ (Very loud Environment): Excluding the DT770 and Fidelio L1
UE6000=M4U>Focal Spirit One>Momentum>WS99=M500>MDR 1r

Overall, Which Do I like?:
Hard to say. I don't like the L1, DT770 the most. Not too much of a momentum fan with that tiny soundstage. The 1r just doesn't sound good enough. The M500 doesn't isolate as well as some of the others, and will slide off my head not to mention the comfort (or lack thereof). The FS1 is just too lower mid heavy. The M500 and ws99 are my faves, followed by the momentum, the ue6000 and FS1.

4.5/5 in the end since they're only $100!
[Updated 12/12/13]


I like how you compared headphones that cost $99 with headphones that cost $299.
Thank you for the review. My own assessment is more positive.  I find the UE6000 to be very comfortable; comfort is a subjective matter.  I also find the attenuation of the high frequencies to be an advantage when listening to radio or some other low-quality sources.  Overall, I find the UE6000 to be an excellent travel and nightstand headphone.
I don't see how anyone can think the high frequencies are attenuated (not trying to pick a fight).  I have two pair and both have beautiful sparkly highs.  any more I would  have to tone them down.  Comparing them to HE-500, Ultrasone Pro 650, Ety 4s,  I find the treble to match and even better them in some cases.
Having said that I see several people have commented on missing or toned down highs in the 6000 and i just have to think that these cans have QC issues and many being sold are just plain dull sounding for some reason.
They still cost $200 in my head, I'll rewrite the review, I'm starting to like these.
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