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Logitech UE 6000 Reviews


Fantastic At What It Was Built For!


Pros: Isolation, Accessories, Build, Bass-Mids, Underpriced

Cons: Upper Treble

I prematurely wrote a review on this that wasn't all too positive. However, after about a week, my impressions have changed. I swaer I have been listening to these nonstop. At least for 50 hours. Construction:7/10 Really good I think. They are built like Beats actually (studios), with similarities in the folding system, headband cushion, earpads, overall shape, and the active noise canceling. However, the actual materials are of much better quality. There's a good amount of strong plastics and metals within the design giving them a nice weight. The pads though aren't replaceable. I don't care that much since they're only $100 now. [EDIT: They have some creaks now. Very...
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One of the best sounding headphones for $200


Pros: Excellent mids. Great lows. Comfortable and non fatiguing.

Cons: Highs can be slightly better. Wire has little strain relief. ANC.

I would like to begin by saying that I am no "expert". I don't own expensive headphones, amps and such. The only experience I have with hi-fi headphones is through meets and such. I will do this review from a normal persons perspective. That means I will not use any amps or such things, instead drive them from things like iPods, phones and my laptop. I feel there are plenty of impressions of these with proper equipment so coming from a normal consumers point of view might help more. So without further adieu, lets get to it.   Equipment used: -iPod touch 2nd gen -iPod nano 5th gen -iPod nano 6th gen -Sony Xperia S -Dell Inspiron 15   Music used: -Michael...
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amazing for the price


Pros: sound quality,look, price/perfomance ratio

Cons: little heavy, noise cancelling kinda sucks but it makes the sound that I like

These headphones are awesome, bought it in London and happy with it! Cool looking, good sound quality! Bass: I'm a basshead and I love the bass in the active mode and in passive mode it becomes neutral just like the sennheiser momentum Mids: sounds very good with vocal, little recessed in active mode Treble: can't say much, a little to non-sibilance depents on the song! Noise cancelling: decent, cant compare to my ie80 or sen cx980 in this case comfort: very comfortable although a little heavy and becomes hot after a while

Pretty good for the price you pay, especially since these are on clearance


Pros: Works in passive mode, detachable and durable cable, foldable

Cons: Doesn't seem like the most durable thing, made out of mostly plastic, earpads are not replaceable. Not that stable on the head.

I purchased these headphones at best buy here in Texas, and i have owned these headphones on 2 separate occasions. The first time i bought them, i found out that i was getting left and right channel cutouts, so i had to return them. When i bought them the second time, everything was fine, so i am good now.  Let's talk about the sound.   Bass:   Passive - Fun, warm, good for certain genres. Active - Good for bass music, not the best for critical listening   Midrange:   Passive - Engaging. I would say it is about average. Active - A tiny bit better than in passive mode. The difference between passive and active is not substantial, but it does make the...
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pretty good headphone


Pros: bass,lower mids,upper highs,detail& clear sound.

Cons: non

they compete will with headphones like ath m50 srh 840 akg k550 skullcandy aviator.

A steal at the current price


Pros: Sound, Comfort, ANC, Remote

Cons: ANC, Treble

Just a quickie because I totally lack impulse control...    Good sound quality for the money. Bass is slightly elevated. A tad soft but ok texture. The overall signature in passive is smooth and warm. A bit similar to stock UE900 but a bit warmer. Treble is generally soft but with some sparkle. Comfort is good and build quality is good although it looks a bit spaced out for my taste. The active mode adds some hiss and bumps the signature to more of a V-shape, It does remove some of lower frequencies which is most noticable on buses or trains or similar environments. Can make lower treble/upper mids sound a tad harsh on some recordings.    Overall a great...
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Great portable HP but not so much for noise cancellation


Pros: Very good price performance ratio, good SQ throughout the FR curve, comfortable and good build quality

Cons: the treble could be a little brighter at times, cable remote only works good with Apple gear

I wanted to do a review of the UE6000 over my HE-400 and HD600 because there's plenty on those already. The fact you can get the UE6000 for under $100 now makes them a great price performance HP and even at the $199 they were when they came out is fair imo.   The sound quality is typical UE because they have a nice smooth and warm sound which is how the UE IEM's I've heard all sound. The bass is smooth with good authority and depth as well has been clean and I haven't had any distortion in the lows at all. The go down to 20Hz then tend to start rolling off but that's typical with many HP's. Mids have that smooth warm to them with good clarity and detail, vocals sound very nice. The...
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As my first foray into better quality headphones, pretty damn good.


Pros: Solid Build , Enjoyable Bass. Does justice for a broad spectrum of genres

Cons: Blue cable is a bit gawdy for my liking. Active mode is poor.

I'll start by saying that until a few weeks ago I thought beats were pretty good, so I am by no means an Audiophile.   I got onto these headphones due to my recent purchase of a M-Stage Matrix Dac and Desktop Amp to match. It was a bit of an experiment for me as I though that all this Audiophile talk was complete BS. So anyway I hooked these babies up to my beats and was underwhelmed, so I thought perhaps I was right. On a whim I connected the DAC up to a surround sound system I had lying around, set it to stereo and the difference really hit me. After that the beats just didn't compare, so I set out to find a better set of headphones. After the hit of the DAC and Amp I...
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Unfortunately a bit lacking where it matters most...


Pros: Great looks, Solid build, Nice accessories, Folding design, Pleasurable lower midrange, Textured bass, Great isolation

Cons: Sluggish bass, Glazed over upper midrange, Under-represented treble, Crappy noise cancelling mode, Poor comfort, Non-replaceable earpads

Revenge Of The Ner- err, Audiophiles...   If I were to sum up what types of headphone demographics there are, in an overly simplified way, it would be that there is the average consumers and the audiophiles & professionals. Saying "Consumer headphone" around head-fi has become synonymous with things like Beats By Dre, headphones known for putting image and marketing before audio performance. This is because the audience these headphones are appealing to are not going to be particularly difficult to please in the performance department. As long as the bass is significantly boosted, and the level of clarity is a coat of paint above pure mud; they'll be happy....
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Best One for the Price


Pros: Incredible Sound, comfort

Cons: Noise Cancelling is a little better with Bose

For $199 or below, I couldn't find a better headphone out there.  Having the batteries in the headphones allow it to sound great with just my phone.  I got some higher end headphones, but I had to use an amp to get the sound out of them.  First, I went 4 1/2 starts, then I changed it to 5 because if I have my music going at a medium volume, I don't hear anything at an airport or loud restaurant.  Again, the canceling isn't as good as the Bose Q15's and I haven't heard the 20's yet.  Also, I had the Bluetooth version of this headphone and wish I would have kept it because no wires are great even though I lost some sound quality.  But, I needed the $200 at the...
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