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Logitech UE 6000 Reviews


Smooth as silk


Pros: Very smooth and accentuated lows , The most comfortable pair i have ever seen or used , decent sound stage , well defined mids , price ,Good Isolation

Cons: Bad treble when it goes over the top ,

When listening to music , i used to plug in my razer electra's , not that its gone in the dumpster but it did give a solid sound. Now when i started to use my UE6000 the sound felt so different that it took me to a new level of listening. Like i stated in the pro  whatever genre of music plays the lows are very well defined that means the drums , keys and sounds that are normally drowned show up to an ever present smoothness. The mid's are a bit bait laid back but they contribute in making the sound refined and giving them this well textured layering that works well with everything over and below it. Now the lows and mid's are so separate yet chimed in that they sound beautiful when...
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Fantastic At What It Was Built For!


Pros: Isolation, Accessories, Build, Bass-Mids, Underpriced

Cons: Upper Treble

I prematurely wrote a review on this that wasn't all too positive. However, after about a week, my impressions have changed. I swaer I have been listening to these nonstop. At least for 50 hours. Construction:7/10 Really good I think. They are built like Beats actually (studios), with similarities in the folding system, headband cushion, earpads, overall shape, and the active noise canceling. However, the actual materials are of much better quality. There's a good amount of strong plastics and metals within the design giving them a nice weight. The pads though aren't replaceable. I don't care that much since they're only $100 now. [EDIT: They have some creaks now. Very...
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One of the best sounding headphones for $200


Pros: Excellent mids. Great lows. Comfortable and non fatiguing.

Cons: Highs can be slightly better. Wire has little strain relief. ANC.

I would like to begin by saying that I am no "expert". I don't own expensive headphones, amps and such. The only experience I have with hi-fi headphones is through meets and such. I will do this review from a normal persons perspective. That means I will not use any amps or such things, instead drive them from things like iPods, phones and my laptop. I feel there are plenty of impressions of these with proper equipment so coming from a normal consumers point of view might help more. So without further adieu, lets get to it.   Equipment used: -iPod touch 2nd gen -iPod nano 5th gen -iPod nano 6th gen -Sony Xperia S -Dell Inspiron 15   Music used: -Michael...
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amazing for the price


Pros: sound quality,look, price/perfomance ratio

Cons: little heavy, noise cancelling kinda sucks but it makes the sound that I like

These headphones are awesome, bought it in London and happy with it! Cool looking, good sound quality! Bass: I'm a basshead and I love the bass in the active mode and in passive mode it becomes neutral just like the sennheiser momentum Mids: sounds very good with vocal, little recessed in active mode Treble: can't say much, a little to non-sibilance depents on the song! Noise cancelling: decent, cant compare to my ie80 or sen cx980 in this case comfort: very comfortable although a little heavy and becomes hot after a while
Bad Wolf

A consumer-friendly headphone that will also please the discerning audiophile. Cheap.


Pros: Luscious, deep bass. Warm, smooth, relatively clear mids. Beautiful design. Inoffensive sound signature.

Cons: Weak NC, Treble is a little too dark for my tastes.

Sound - Let's start off with the most important category.The sound is so smooth and warm, like a warm glass of milk. It's really quite comforting. They really work well with most genres. In Radiohead's "I Might Be Wrong", the bass line tickles the left ear with depth and decent detail, while the guitar occupies the right side with intimacy. While the snare sounds a little dull and Thom's vocals seem lacking in texture and timbre, it is not at all offensive. The treble is very laid back on these headphones. Too dark sounding in a lot of cases. An equalizer will help. On the other end of the musical spectrum, Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child" sounds exciting and spacious....
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Not as good as the CAL!


Pros: Cheap, Good Separation

Cons: Heavy

I picked these up for $50 (compared to $69 for the CAL! or $99 for the CAL!2).   Initial Impressions They are a bit heavier and clamp a bit tighter than the CAL! Removable cable is a plus, but a cable without a remote would have been appreciated.   They sound pretty good without the ANC turned on. Vocals are a little recessed. Good separation and detail. maybe a bit too much treble. Not as loud as the CAL! louder with ANC on and more bass, but reduced quality.   So far I'm not overly impressed, but will re-evaluate after burning-in and replacing the cable. 

Great headphones for the price


Pros: Great sound quality, nice mids and lows, looks great

Cons: Not compatible with Android phones; A bit on the heavier side

I'm not an audiophile so my review would be from a layman's perspective. I've had these for more than six months and I love the sound quality. It wasn't great in the beginning but after sufficient "burn in" time, it started sounding better. The noise cancellation isn't that great but works pretty well. Your bass gets a boost when you turn on the noise cancellation feature. I really love the fact that you can turn it on/off. Why would I waste batteries when I'm not using noise cancellation? The headphones are a bit heavier when compared to competitors. You might feel the fatigue when listening for hours.    My top gripe is that the volume, play/pause control don't work with...
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Great piece of cans that's comfortable and soothing especially at a discounted price of 70$-100$


Pros: Good bass and treble. Active mode enjoyable in few tracks - boosts bass and treble, portable, mic and volume control are added bonus

Cons: kinda big on head for my taste

Other Notes :  They did sound better with burn-in.  I wasn't impressed with the sound quality out of the box.  Active mode felt like sh!t then.

Very well tuned, dark sounding yet detailed


Pros: accessories, features, enjoyable sound signatrue

Cons: not very transparent

So I very recently started listening to ue6000, so these are early impressions. I must say these very well match my dark sound preferences. I am enjoying these quiet a lot.   Build:   Very good looking. Though made out of plastic so not very robust construction. Will require good care.   Comfort:   They are closed back and they do get sweaty. Cups are not very big so pads or inner cloth may touch your ears. Isolation is moderate with out noise cancellation, nothing ground breaking.   Sound:   I believe they are very well tuned. Bass is slightly thick and not very transparent. But it has good and satisfying impact. Mids are reasonably clear...
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Vero Golf Champ

Grab them while you can


Pros: Smooth, Detailed, Bass, Comfort, Looks

Cons: Noise cancellation is poor, Not very sensitive, Dull without batteries, Long burn in

I'm running these from a Galaxy Note 2 via an FiiO Andes E07k. Material is solely Spotify Premium these days (set to what they deem to be "Extreme Quality"). I listen to a wide range of music but favour pop, hip hop and classic rock. These cans really had me worried at first. Initially they sounded like a blanket had been thrown over the music. Even after running them in for a week or so I was grabbing my Sony MDR V55s instead when I headed out the door. Most of my listening is done outside when I walk the dog or take the bus or train instead of the car. So for over a month I was quite disappointed despite getting them for a song (apologies) from Amazon and the fact that I love the...
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