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A Review On: Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 (980-000430)

Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 (980-000430)

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Pros: Easy to set-up. Amazing value. Decent power.

Cons: No hanging options. Average Sound Quality. A lot of ground noise.

This set is in no way flat, response wise, but I bought them because I wanted to be able to watch movies with decent audio quality without headphones. 


The sub is pretty decent. Too small for proper sub-bass, but bass and mid-bass are plentiful. Does tend to distort when pushed hard, and the cone on the sub is unprotected from being punctured.


Continuing on the V shaped tendencies, it does have quite a noticeable hill in the 10-12KHz area, I think just to make it sound like it has a lot of fidelity. But it isn't too harsh.


I have no idea why there's a doughnut shaped hole towards the top above the centre driver. There's absolutely no sound coming out and it's gathering a lot of dust. It's probably to fool people into thinking there's two drivers per speaker. They didn't even do that with the Z5500's so I have no idea who would be fooled into such thinking.


Apparently because it's neodymium there's no need for more than one driver per speaker.


It has pretty bad noise issues though, I'm thinking it's to do with the amp (within the sub). I stuck a ferrite bead on the power cord, looped through twice. It did halve the noise, but even when using the headphone jack on the front right speaker creates noise with head/earphones that sounds like a desert wind howling in a sandstorm.


Set-up takes about half an hour from un-boxing to up and running. Cables are reasonably long for a small theatre, probably inadvisable to extend them further, even though they're "balanced".


I wanted to hang them, but there's literally no way to hanging anything apart from the centre speaker, and even then it's bothersome.


Inputs are standard 3x1/8'' jacks plus Stereo RCA. 


I wonder if I can hijack the amp in any way....


Quick question - and a stupid one at that - is there any possible way of hooking this up to an amp that i will have to buy so i can play my cd player through these speakers - CD player is Conrad Johnson Sonographe SD22 CD Player. Thanks for your time
All you gotta do is buy two RCA cables...
Cheers, and just into phono on the amp?
Sorry for the hassle, much appreciated.
Hi, how can i connect Logitech Z506 with Creative Sound Blast X-Fi 5.1 Pro USB external card? and when i tried to connect with my laptop sound is coming from two speakers only? why not all 5.1 speakers working? i need setup guide please. Thanks.