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Logitech Speaker System Z623


Pros: Great bass sound, really deep

Cons: highs and mids suffer a little

A friend recommended these speakers for me. They work great if your room is not too big. The bass is pretty good and they are pretty cheap. Good bargain for the price. I would prefer more treble but for the money I think it is fine. I am thinking of getting some tweeters to work along with these Logitechs and have the highs come more to life.




Pros: They play sound, and hook up through everyday common connectors!

Cons: MUD!

The Logitech Z-2300 were a decent pair of speakers. A few friend had them and  I was enthused when they played them. Also they were made at a time where it's said that fitting the most quality into  this range of computer speakers was the goal of many manufacturers (*Klipsch ProMedia 2.0, from said time period, still selling*) Logitech has and ugly side we all know too well. In current days it would seem keeping up with the neighbors and releasing products made cheaply with false claims is the route taken here.


The highs and mids are a mixed, muddy, bloody mess, despite allegedly using the same tweeters as the Z-2300. The sub is OK, it gets boom and muddy when turns to high (aside  from the volume itself) On top of the ikky sound they took out the separate control pad and put all the knobs on the right speaker, so you can't 'stow' them or put the right speaker out of reach. To make matters worse, there is no externally present slow blow fuse. The fuse is inside the *smaller* sub so if that blows, your down an entire set (happened to me mad.gif )


If (*IF* and only ifffff) yo need a  quick fix then be my guest though for the ~$150 range there IS better.


Pros: Sub, Digital wiring, Soud

Cons: Can't think of any

I love these things I got them from Best Buy for $100 and It was worth it. These are THX computer speakers meaning that you can watch movies very clearly and more balanced. They allow for you to connect them to a computer monitor and out put at any display it's showing which is really nice. Also have a port for input and output for your headphones. Pretty great for $100


Pros: awesome bass! good sound for the price

Cons: none

So I have owned these for 8 months now. The bass makes me melt. Its awesome. I LOVE IT. my windows shaking. The stuff on my table shaking. Its awesome. When I show my friends they don't expect whats to come when I turn that bass dile all the way up. HOLY. its fun. I love playing games while I lsiten to these bad boys. Comes with 2 speakers and a sub and for $120? WORTH IT. If you are looking for amazing bass and overall good sound quality. Might as well buy these. They rock. I'm new to headfi but take my word for it. I got my buddy to buy this. He loves it. I like to make the house shake. That was my goal since when my dad watch's movies on his 70" T.V downstairs with a $2000 surround sound system, which is right below me. This drowns out that bass with mine buahahah. Anyways buy it its worth it. 

Logitech Speaker System Z623

Logitech speaker system z623 with thx-certified 2.1 system delivers big, bold sound with 200 watts (rms) of power-from your music, movies, and games.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureOn-speaker controls lets you easily dial the volume and bass up or down
Height12.25 inches
Length17.31 inches
Weight22.3 pounds
Width11.87 inches
List Price$149.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleLogitech Speaker System Z623
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Operating SystemN/A
Number Of Items1
SizeOne Size
Part Number980-000402
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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