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Little Dot MK IV SE


Pros: Excellent sound quality, drives all headphones I've tried with ease.

Cons: High noise floor, only one input.

I ordered my amp directly from Little Dot. No problem with the delivery and everything worked great. A con is that you get the same power cord no matter where you live, so for me it was just to put the power cable in the trash (I'll probably never move to where I might need it, and if I do, I'd probably lost it before I got there).

The amp definately takes a while to burn in, but after it is, it is a very good amp. The power and the punch are excellent. I wouldn't recommend to low impedance headphones because it produces quite a bit of noise in those kinds of cans.

It is ugly but I don't really care. Already got a girlfriend ;)


I've tried it with Linn Sneaky DS or uDac2 as source, and Shure SRH840, Beyerdynamic T50p, Sennheiser HD650, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro and a pair of Sony IEM. The IEM's were just for fun though. I think the amp fits the best with the Beyerdynamic and Shure.

Little Dot MK IV SE

The Little Dot MK IV SE is a special edition version of the Little Dot MK IV which features a Neutrik headphone jack upgrade, premium RCA connectors (American CMC or Van Den Hul RCA), and premium circuit component upgrades in key signal path locations. The SE version also replaces the normal MK IV vacuum tubes with M8100/CV4010 driver tubes and 6H30PI (Gold-Pin) power tubes.

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