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Power for price

A Review On: Little Dot MK III

Little Dot MK III

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Pros: powerful, tube rolling, style, price point, sound quality, high resale ability, popular

Cons: shipping is pricey



If you're looking for a beast of a tube amp that will output enough power to satisfy volume and push those drivers to get what you can out of your headphones, the Little Dot MK III is the best performer for the price out of the little dot line. I got mine used so I saved over $70 compared to new, but otherwise, be prepared to pay $244 for the unit because they're essentially $199 with $45 shipping. Build quality is solid, it's very heavy, very tight, and you don't hear any rattles or weird creek noises. Style is nice, the face is brushed, the rest of the body is black and so the tubes just stick out when you're listening in a dark room with their little lights. Gain switches are under the unit (you do not have to remove any covers). Tube rolling is easy. Just find the tubes, plop them in, and you're golden to roll. Mullards are highly regarded as the tubes for the Little Dot MK III and reviewed over and over as making the amp sound much more like something that costs twice or more the cost. But note that the stock tubes it comes with are very good tubes as it is. Sound is very good. It's tubey and warm, but not overly bloomy. It has a musical hint to it, but doesn't turn into a concert hall of echos on your music. That's the stock tubes. You can alter it of course with other tubes, which is part of the fun of having a tube amp that can roll tubes. Power is enough to push basically any headphone you plug into it. Those headphones with sensitivities and high impedance can be pushed to high volume with this amp. Warm up time is about a minute before listening, you can hear it expand through your headphones if you have them on when you initially power up as she heats up. I like to hear it, it's interesting, but if you don't, don't listen on your headphones until about a minute after turning the unit on. Then leave her on for as long as you wish.


Very informative, thanks
Thanks for the report!
I would also love to see some SQ comparisons between the Little Dot and other popular tube amps. Anybody?
Isn't 3 1/2 stars a little harsh when the "con" of the product was the shipping price? That is more concieved of circumstance and shipping issues rather than the product itself, there are loads of products from long distances that have the same downfall.
Plus, you got it used, so you didn't have that cost issue anyway
Hmmm , thanks ! 
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