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A Review On: Little Dot  MK I+

Little Dot MK I+

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Pros: Sound quality; design

Cons: Build quality could be a little better

I bought this on the back of buying a Little Dot Mk IV tube headphone amplifier earlier last year. I was very impressed with that unit and so thought I would extend this to my portable listening kit.


I have been using it now for a few months and overall I am impressed. It is a neat little unit with an all metal case and good solid controls. I don't use it on the move so it doesn't need to fit in pockets or bags but I can imagine it would be up to the task of being thrown about a bit. The only downside is that the sockets for the headphones and audio in seem to be a little loose and can crackle when the lead moves. But for me this is only minor and does seem to be reducing with time so maybe it is just bedding in.


One of the big advantages is the rechargeable battery and battery life. I have used this almost every working day for the last few months and I have only had to charge it twice. It just seems to go on and on! I listen for about an hour a day and at reasonable sound levels so I reckon the 30 hours life per charge is about right. Battery life just is not an issue. It would be nice to have a better recharging indicator but this is nit picky in a unit at this price.


So what about sound quality? Well this is a sweet sounding amp. I am not a bass head and don't want thundering, overbearing bass but this goes low with some of the darker ambient music I listen too. At the same time it brings the vocals to the front and I find myself hearing words I am not used to hearing. It is not the last word in resolution maybe and I don't want to analyse every beat and note but the way the music is presented is clear and clean. I find I do not suffer listening fatigue and can sit for a seven hour session without feeling drained (headphones notwithstanding). That has not been true of all the equipment I have ever had!


Overall I like this amp. It is robust, truly portable and complements the sounds I am getting from my players. There is very little to dislike and at the price I think it is a bargain.




I loved the mine while it was working and what it did with my Alessandro MS-1 was amazing....a perfect match.
However the headphone socket just got worse and worse, I had to hold the plug at an angle while I was listening, then the socket stopped working. I gather this a bit of an issue and I wish it was fixed as it sounded fantastic.
I am hoping the Fiio E12 will be a better solution as it uses the same opamp/buffer setup but should be more reliable.
That is worrying! Maybe I should send mine back to be fixed before it gets too bad! Thanks for the feedback.
But the sound. It brings out everything and doesn't just focus on bass, treble, or mid it is all presented if it is in the music.
I have missed it and am waiting eagerly for my Fiio E12, I am one of the first 20, to try and recapture that sound....but with better build and parts.
Do let me know how the Fiio compares. I am thinking I might go for another portable amp. Especially if I do send the Mk1+ back for repair.
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