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For the price, amazing! Needs tube upgrade though...

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Little Dot I+

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Pros: Amazing value, good sound, it looks nice (IMHO), good for Grado, Denon, and other efficient headphones, great build quality

Cons: Only one input, not the most powerful amp ever created, needs an upgrade from stock tubes

For $140 (Shipping included), this is probably one of the best amps out there. The Little Dot I+ is a great inexpensive chi-fi amp and with a small tube upgrade (I upgraded to Mullard M8161 tubes) it is a great budget solution. I know I didn't really want to spend a lot on an amp as I am still in high school and living on a strict (sorta) budget. I am using this in conjunction with an iStreamer from HRT and Denon AH-D5000 headphones and it really shines (for the price of course) with this system. Build and design are very good (Again, IMHO). I think that it is the simplicity of one analogue input that can keep the price down and really just make a straight foreword beginner amp. Another great value product from Little Dot!   

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Best cheap vacuum tube headphone you can buy. Understand; this amp is designed to let you tune the sound any way you want by rolling tube and op amps. Sorry, not many features other than that. I picked up an Aune 24bit/192k X1 Mini Dac a while back and use it when I want the flexibility of a preamp/Dac. When I do that, I'm introducing a layer os sonic "smudge." When I want insane clarity and wide sound staging, I use the LD 1+ by itself on the output of a Sony DVP-9000ES playing one of my favorite SACD discs. (Yes, the Sony is old, but it sounds like a million dollars to me and transparent enough for me not to even care if I could do better.) Most of the time I listen to my LD 1+ straight off the Sony.
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