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Light Harmonic Da Vinci DAC

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Light Harmonic Da Vinci DAC

Manufacturer Description: Inventing Da Vinci DAC How Light Harmonic Created the Da Vinci 384K USB Digital to Analog Converter Da Vinci is the world's first true bit-perfect 384K asynchronous DAC using USB 2.0 technology. It's unprecedented, unique, and superb. But don't just take our word for it. Editors have widely praised Da Vinci's award-winning design and performance, calling it "state-of-the-art," "way ahead of the curve," "stunning" and "truly outstanding." And described the music Da Vinci produces as "lively, detailed and fresh," "elegant and coherent" and "phenomenally rich." Like Leonardo Da Vinci, the famed Renaissance artist, architect and engineer, the Da Vinci DAC embodies superb digital artistry, innovative product architecture, precision engineering and a passion for perfection. Rich with patent-pending technologies, Da Vinci boasts 40 ultra-low-noise power regulators, dedicated digital power, a three-layer buffer, triple clocking, and a proprietary audio processing unit. Additional characteristics include a lifelike soundstage, musical coherence, transparency, and a best-in-class noise floor.

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