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Leben CS-300X Reviews


Mini-review - Leben CS-300X


Pros: Delivers world-clkass sound from a very wide variety of headphones, and very full-featured

Cons: somewhat expensive and hard to get

The Leben CS300X has made me re-think what's possible from a headphone amp in general, and tube amps in specific.  While it has a highly musical, engaging sound, it's not the least bit tubey or syrupy - in fact it's astonishingly neutral and transparent.  Due to its being push-pull, and transformer-coupled, it works well with a wide variety of headphones.  It drove my LCD-2, DX1000, T1, W1000X, Ed 8, and D7000 all better than I had ever heard before.  It's so good I wish I had one in every room.    Looks nice too:     The Leben sounds great with the LCD-2 and T1 - I could very happily live with that combination for a long, long time . What has struck me about the Leben is...
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Fantastic...and it powers speakers, too


Pros: Tone..detail without fatigue, lovely natural bass. Not cheap, worth every penny.

Cons: Short on power for super ineffiecient speakers. Sound better with Mullard NOS EL-84 tubes so you can spend a bit more money. No remote, no problem

I just love the Leben sound.  It makes music.  Really, get this little wonderful integrated and obsess on something else, because the 300 XS makes music.  Can't imagine wanting anything else for an amp.  EL-84's work great for headphones given their detail and tight base.  The soundstage is wide where it should be wide, and tight where it should be tight.     My musical tastes are all over-the-map.  However, when I listen to Jazz Trio or Female Vocal the Leben is spot on.  It has the speed to play House Music and Rock out.   OK, it cost more than the others, but you can save a fortune because you won't be swapping out amps every 60 days.  Spend the $$$ on DACs,...
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My *last* amp..for real this time!


Pros: Sound, Looks, Size

Cons: Price, but you get what you pay for

What you have heard about the Leben CS-300X(S) is true.  A truly wonderful amp for both headphones and speakers.  I run Beyerdynamic T1's and the sound is simply stunning.
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