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Accurate and Detailed Closed Back Headphones

A Review On: KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones

KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones

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Pros: Detailed, Accurate and a Fantastic Bass Response

Cons: Could be more isolating

Just a quick review of the KRK KNS 8400 headphones.


For listening and mixing i use a combination of the KRK KNS 8400's, AKG K702's and the Sennheiser HD 650's and these headphones really do hold their own.


To my ears these headphones are brilliant for listening to punk / rock / metal etc and i don't believe them to be as cold and analytical as some may say and really bring tracks to life such as Bring Me The Horizons latest album 'Sempiternal' producing a very well balanced sound with just the right amount of bass.


For my preference i don't like their to be a boost in the bass frequencies so their sound is exactly what i'm looking for and i even use them for music listening out and about. The only thing i will note is that sat on a Bus they don't isolate as well as i would like, letting a little too much rumble in. Other than that i can't complain.


When mixing late at night (when speakers aren't really an option) they really can show me the flaws of a song and later the headphone will translate well to speakers.


These headphones are primarily designed for studio use and for that they work excellently and i have used them for tracking vocals for the artist, tracking drums when on location for myself and as previously mentioned late night mixing and they have never let me down.


Obviously not as great as my beloved HD 650's but they aren't too far off the mark in comparison.


I run them from an Apogee one which powers them just fine and they work almost as well directly out of an iPhone 4.


I use these headphones with the shorter cable which are hard to find in the UK but their is one company that imports them in for under £30 which makes cable complications non existent.


For the price they are a brilliant set of over ear headphones.


Great review. I would also suggest GMP 8.35D Monitors, it might fit your taste too. More durable and isolating also.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I've been reading more around head-fi and i'm not really hearing the soundstage problems people are talking about.
Perhaps their is a difference between the models that came in the box with the white plastic in comparison to the ones that come in the box with the clear plastic.
I'm going to A/B them further with the HD 650's to compare but i haven't been notably disappointed by the 8400's soundstage.
Toms rolls are quite wide when listening to metal, coming in from the side then rolling in front of you and off to the other side like you were in front of the drum kit.
I'll admit the soundstage isn't as good as the HD 650's soundstage but their closed back. I haven't heard the ATH-M50s or the Shure SRH840/940 yet, so maybe their soundstage's are more impressive.
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