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KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Accurate and Detailed Closed Back Headphones


Pros: Detailed, Accurate and a Fantastic Bass Response

Cons: Could be more isolating

Just a quick review of the KRK KNS 8400 headphones.   For listening and mixing i use a combination of the KRK KNS 8400's, AKG K702's and the Sennheiser HD 650's and these headphones really do hold their own.   To my ears these headphones are brilliant for listening to punk / rock / metal etc and i don't believe them to be as cold and analytical as some may say and really bring tracks to life such as Bring Me The Horizons latest album 'Sempiternal' producing a very well balanced sound with just the right amount of bass.   For my preference i don't like their to be a boost in the bass frequencies so their sound is exactly what i'm looking for and i even use them...
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Negative Reviews

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Pros: Replaceable cord, very detailed, lightweight, many wearable positions

Cons: Incompatible with glasses, small soundstage, bass light

These are my first pair of headphones (ever), so take this review with a grain of salt. I never used headphones before because I didn't see why I ever need a pair. My speakers were fine and I don't listen to music seriously when I'm outside of my house, so it would have been a waste of money to me. I did however use a cheap, poor quality pair only for some brainwave entrainment experiements. I never used those for anything else in fear of becoming accustomed to bad frequency response. The reason why I'm trying headphones again now is because my speakers lack in subbass, they disturb others if turned up too loud, and I wanted to a more detailed way to view music. My review probably won't...
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More Reviews


Studio for your ears?Meet the KRK KNS-8400.


Pros: Neutral sound,detail,isolation

Cons: Comfort?Cable?

  Studio recording and mixing ain't child's play.There's no place for cheap tricks,because standarts(see some AKG K240 or Beyerdynamic DT150) have been already there for decades,and newcomers are overlooked with some suspicion. KRK Systems have been into studio business for more than 20 years,and their distinctive yellow-black monitors are well known to anybody in studio recording.What's new here is their new headphone line,the KNS-6400 and KNS-8400. The KNS-8400 is a closed professional headphone intended for studio and monitor use.It's street price is around 150$,and it's claimed to sound as close as possible to KRK studio monitors,which are,by the way,quite linear and...
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Excellent pair of monitors for a low price


Pros: Mids, details, comfort, price, neutrality

Cons: Soft pouch instead of hard case, cable is pretty naff

  Comfort and build quality: The KNS8400 comes with wonderfully soft memory foam pleather ear and headband pads. They can get hot after several hours use, but that's expected for closed pleather. They clamp fairly well, not too tight, not too low, I can have a moderate headbang and these headphones won't budge. The cable is detachable and about 8ft long(as measured with a 15cm ruler). It's not great since it's very long and prone to tangling itself and trying to coil itself back into whatever way it was last stored. There is an additional 1ft extension cable that includes an inline volume control. The cable attaches the the headphones via a twist and lock 2.5mm jack and...
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Excellent headphones for extended periods of listening and best for the price


Pros: Clear low, mids, highs; VERY detailed for the price and has a nice extended range

Cons: A little low on bass, very nuetral and has a flat sound, Small soundstage

First off, let me say that if you value clarity and like the details in your music, this is for you. I can't stand skullcandy headphones with its booming bass and muddy mids and highs. This is really one of most detailed headphones for the price, and there is a truly nice extension on really part of the music that is playing; whether it be a cello, guitar, piano, edm, or something in between. This headphone reveals details I never knew existed in the music. As I said, if you like details, and lots of them, the KRK KNS 8400 is the best match for you. Not to mention this is THE clearest headphone I got for the price (at $85) and even going up to... really anything besides for the ath-m50's,...
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No One-Trick Pony


Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Easy to Drive, Balanced midrange

Cons: Extension could be better

  As per standard, I will give a bit of a background to premise this review.  I do this before all of my reviews just to give the reader an idea of my experiences.  This allows the potential consumer to best judge my opinions and ultimately decide what kind of bearing my words have with them.  My reviews aim to express my thoughts with the main intention being to arm the reader with the knowledge to make the best purchasing decisions.  Knowledge is power, and I say power should go to the consumer in any market!   I come from a family of audio hobbyists/philes/enthusiasts/whatever.  Hi-fi has been part of my experience from the time of a child,...
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