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A Review On: Koss PRODJ100

Koss PRODJ100

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Pros: Cheap but good sound!

Cons: Ugly looking, not very comfi if you have big ears:-(

Well i have some mixed feelings for these headphones. They sound good for the money, but i don't find them very comfotable when have used them for more then a half hour. But let me jump further into the review, and tell you what i think  more specific.


Sound quality:

Overall it's good, actually very good for the money you pay. I am reviewing this from my iphone, since they are made for transportable use, and not home listening!

I would say that they ain't natural sounding, but is very well balanced and sounds very dry and crisp. It does not have this deep and smooth base, it's rather very dry, but this is not bad in any way. The bass actually surprised me in any way, because i usually like deep, smooth, soft and round basses, but Koss have done somthing with the bass and it works!!!

The mids are very good for the price, i have never heard mids that good in that price range! It is rich, but sadly  not as powerfull as i would have liked it to be.
The highs are phenomenal, clear and very smooth.

The sound is of course considered after the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Sound leak/Isolation:

When you turn the volume up to 7/10 just around there it begins to leak sound, not much but i will begin to leak. I would say that it does a pretty good job, to prevevnt the sound from leaking. And for the isolation, well it's good...... on a scale from 0 to 10 it will get 7,5 and maybe 8. It can be bette, but it does a pretty good job.


Build quality and comfort:

The headphones feals a bit flimsy and cheap. But then again i just  throw them down to my bag, and once i sat on them, and they hasn't broken yet. So maybe the are pretty steady.......

The comfort is bad, my ears strats too annoyed after a half hour. And the can have a trend to varm your ears a lot, because the earpads are made out of something very synthetic material.



The look nice when you have them on, actually very nice when you have them on, but otherwise i dosen't think they look good. When they lay on your table, they look very cheap an flimsy!


Overall i think they are worth the 90 $ you pay, and remember you get a lifetime warranty from Koss on all their products. And i have tried this warranty, and the service was phenomenal:-)


Check out my homepage for pictures...


1 Comment:

I reivews the Dj 200s... and I'd really like a pair of 100's espically since they are about $60 now! Still... I do like the Koss DJ sound! For low end cans they sounds very nice ^^
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