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KOSS PRO DJ 100 - Slowly, but surely you fall in love with them

A Review On: Koss PRODJ100

Koss PRODJ100

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Pros: Great design, great quality for the money

Cons: Coiled cable (depends on the person), no way to change the cable, unless you take it apart.

So, I bought these after reading a really long thread on the forums along with a new Fiio E7 as suggested, as well as new M50s pads. At first I must say they were pretty terrible and I thought that the people that loved them were retards, but as stated somewhere in that long thread, I've waited for them to burn in (even though I didn't believe that at first). Now, a month later I cannot leave my home without them.

The clarity, the quality and the overall design is just superb. Probably the best paid £50 over a long time. There have been a lot of people that have been complaining how the bass sucks with these, but I truly cannot understand them. They really perform great with bass orientated music.

The thing that most hit me is that they started performing well (at least how I expected them to do) after around 4-5 days from using them constantly, then now I listen again and it feels like it's totally different from before, better in many ways.

Anyways, the design is great, build quality is probably the best you can get at that price tag, sound quality just gets better with time and comfort, well.. With or without the M50s pads it gets sweaty after long listening hours. Though, you only feel that sweat after you take them off, so that's good I guess.

Anyways, looking for something cheap and good? Take em!


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