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Koss Pro4 AAT's: Inspiring my quest for higher Fidelity

A Review On: Koss Pro4AAT Titanium Pro Headphones

Koss Pro4AAT Titanium Pro Headphones

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Pros: Immense value in terms of price to quality ratio, Koss Lifetime Warranty, Excellent Balanced SQ

Cons: Heavy, moderately uncomfortable, hard to drive, take a good bit of burn in to reach optimum SQ

As a bit of a disclaimer, I'm a huge fan of these headphones, and have used them almost daily for the past three years, so I suppose you could say this review is a bit biased, but I'll try to keep it fair. Here's why I feel so strongly about these headphones. First, they have amazing value, at $65 for a pair (Amazon pricing) which alone speaks for why anyone new to the hi-fi world should have a crack at them.


As for sound quality, I've found them to be quite flat across the frequency spectrum, all the way down to quite low areas, with drop off not noticeable on most everything I've listened to. As for the midrange, it's quite neutral, and neither overly forward, nor recessed, and very satisfactory, if not overly remarkable. The high end continues the flat, neutral trend, though it seems to me to be a tad soft, but not to the point were it becomes at all bothersome. The soundstage of these headphones is excellent, and is has proper separation of instruments. Reverb seemed very spacious without being distracting, and it really allowed one to almost forget they were listening to headphones at times. Overall, I am utterly satisfied with the sound quality of these headphones, and I suppose the best way to sum them up is that it doesn't have any really noticeable flaws. Could it be much better? Yes, but the strong point of these is that they preform quite well across the board, and provide a very comfortable listening environment


I agree completely with this review, glad to see another fan of the venerable Pro4AAT here :)
Yeah! I definitely glad I bought these a few years back! They've done very well as monitoring headphones as well, cause the seal is so tight they also won't leak sound much.
I also agree with this review. These are my favorite cans and love using them for all sorts of audio and find them very comfortable.
If anyone wants some phones that really isolate and don't leak hardly at all these are the phones. I have never owned anything that isolated as well as these do.
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