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Wonderful Suprise

A Review On: Koss Pro DJ 200

Koss Pro DJ 200

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Pros: Highs, clean Bass, price, balanced sound

Cons: details, Slighty forward mids



Koss Pro DJ 200


Tested with


Hifiman Hm 601 Line out

JDS Labs cMoy BB 2.03 2x9V


Songs Tested 


Hiroki Kikuta

        The Legend 16bit loss-less

        The Divine Invasion 16bit Loss-less


I really enjoy these songs for their dynamic energy and range of instruments and tonal variety! Both are very difficult songs to reproduce well, as the instrumental variation can be hard to balance for some equipment.  


Compared To


Byerdynamic Dt 880 250 Ohms



Build quality is sub par, seems like basic plastic parts.  Not terrible cheap plastic, but not good ole Metal Head Banded, Velour Padded DT 880 build quality. Still the padding is comfortable and the it's a clean looking can.





PRODJ200 Full Size Headphones

Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz
Impedance 38 Ohms
Sensitivity 99 dB SPL
Cord Coiled, Single Entry, 8 ft ; Straight, Single-Entry 4 ft KTC





Highs [4.6/5 ]where clean and enjoyable. Not Dark nor bright. Lacked a little detail, slightly recessed.

Mids [3.1/5 ]where a little forward, still presented well. Enjoyable to listen to. 

Bass [4/5] was clean and very mild, detail was lacking in bass as well. Still it was not bloated or woolly. 


Overall, for a closed can it sounded rather nice to my ears! I enjoyed listening to it, and the two tracks I used differ greatly and both where pleasant to listen to with the Pro Dj 200!



I would recommend this can for any one on a budget! 


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