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Love them!

A Review On: Koss PortaPro  Headphones with Case

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

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Pros: Great sound, inexpensive, lightweight, open ear, retro looks.

Cons: A bit fragile.

I'm on my third pair of PortaPros over the last 12 years. My last two units have either suffered a rattle that eventually became irreparable or something terrible happened to them (left in a car seat in the sun, crushed by a contractor's pelican case).


I never question buying them again, though, because I love the sound so much and they're so damn cheap! In my opinion they rival all the headphones in their class (including the Senn PX100's which I also own) and many larger 'phones. They have a depth and clarity that I really enjoy listening to, and the open design means that I can still hear everything around me while I have music playing, which makes them perfect for the office or walking city streets (where I still want to hear what's going on around me).


Love these things!


I have bought a pair recently, I added some Grado Comforts with them which made them both sound and feel much better. If I had any gripes at all it would be that I would like to have a tad more in top end...Otherwise very nice headphones for little outlay.
Thanks for the excellent review aspope. I agree with everything you said. Its miraculous how something so small can have such a full satisfying stereo like sound. I had to keep reminding myself i was on a bus and not in my room whenever i wore them in public. The bass really fills ones ears in a comforting manner without being booming obnoxious. Theres also nice detailed treble though its warm instead of sparkly electronic like the Koss UR-40 or Audio Technica Ath AD700.
Lost my last pair around 2006. Really have to see about picking up another pair for home use only :D
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