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PortaPro - the little headphones that could

A Review On: Koss PortaPro  Headphones with Case

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

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Pros: sound signature is mega fun, and quite surprising for a small supra-aural set of phones

Cons: headband pinches hair, look dorky to some

wow!  am i really the first to write a review for the venerable portapro?? 


the portapro is an age old design, but has held up over the years, despite newer portable cans coming along.  and perhaps it is the very age of the design that keeps people coming back to it.  what with its alnico magnets and paper diaphrams.  and it's weird retro look.  and its mega fun sound!!!


yep, the sound is fun.  the portapros have a nice, punchy sound.  and great bass for a small supra-aural set of phones.  they are great for pop, rock, hip/hop and the like.


the comfort is okay.  the temple pads are supposed to releive some of the pressure of the ear pads, but i find that they don't really do this much for me.  also, the adjusting metal headband is prone to catch your hair and can hurt when it does this.


overall, for $30 to $40 street price, these are such a wonderful product, and very enthusastically endorsed by me.  (as i'm sure they will be by others here.)


a classic!  and with reason!!


I used to love this headphone many years ago, until I bought the Sennheiser PX100. The PX100 has tighter bass and more detailed sound. The PX100II and Portapro are close in price. More recently I bought the JVC HA-S160 which was only around $10. I prefer the sound of the HAS160 to the Portapro. While the Portapro has more bass, it is not as tight, and the HAS160 has much better treble. I do prefer the PX100 to the HAS160 though.
If you want a good buy in a Koss headphone, then choose the KTXpro1 or KSC75. These are only around $15. These have better treble than the Portapro and less bass, however the bass is tighter.
If you do like the Portapro sound, then buy the Sportapro, which is basically the same as the Portapro but looks different, and is around half the price.
Portapros are epic, listening to them right now on an EQ'd Sansa Clip+, these things have really, really nice sound for their price and size, and are comfortable as all hell, they pretty much meet or exceed my expectations, which were already really high to begin with based on reading about them.
Um...... Do you even own a pair of Portapros? Alinco magnet? Paper diaphrams? Maybe you are thinking about Radio Shack Nova 40s? The Portapro headphones that I am looking at right now appear to have rare earth magnets, and definitely have a clear Mylar diaphragm.
Your review fits the Portapros to a T, but your description of them seem to be of another set of 'phones
Harry - the porta pro may very well sport mylar diaphrams and neodymium magnets at this point.
I am sure you meant well, But the tone of your comment is insulting to me.
I reviewed the portapro 6 years ago.
And maybe i had some bad info at the time.
But, i can't get too mad. I checked out of this site a long time ago for this very reason.
Thanks for reminding me how friendly the internet is.
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