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35$ Sound dominator

A Review On: Koss PortaPro  Headphones with Case

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

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Pros: Price, bass quality, design, friendly and fun attitude, wear and forget nature, upgrade their performance by themselves (read below)

Cons: CORD - ridiculously weak, construction (read below),

This piece of classy designed headphones that exists more then 20 years on the market is a very, very good choice for both home and mobile listening of music.  So let me get this strength - for the price of 35-40$ you won`t find anything better, like really, these headphones will surprise you with quality of what you hear from your either PC or phone, they get only 1 competor on the market, the Sennheiser PX100 that are also a very-decent pair of headphones, but they are more mature, neutral sounding then the PP`s which may be not exactly what you looking for.

Let`s discuss the pros:


Price - pretty obvious, price is friendly, even a little bit low considering the sound quality that you hear for 35$


Bass quality - these headphones are all about bass, that why i bought them the second time, that is a little harsh for your ears at the very first (especially, if you didn`t had expensive headphones) but as you will use them -> it will be more flexible, more soft, but strangely, after a couple of moths it will settle itself as decent amount of mediocre, muddy bass that will make you seek something better.


Design - this is a very personal stuff, but i like it for minimalism and comfort it provides for me as wearer.


Wear-and-forget nature - they are so light, especially after you use them a month or two that i find myself amused and angry when i stand up and tear the plug from an external sound card, so please remember to take them off :)


Upgrade performance by themselves: By that i mean that they will sound better with external sound card and yes, they won`t magically turn into Denon D2000, Sennheiser HD-650 or even something like HD-598, but they will improve a little depending on price of the card.


Now it is time for CONS:


CORD - it is one of the major flaws in the construction, try not to bend it without need or it will become a very easy to break (first pair of PP`s suffered from this), don`t expose it to low temperatures (everything below minus 15-20 celsius is a major threat to cord condition) or it will become sturdy and not as easy to fold. Also, cord attachement to the driver is also weak -> don`t hang the phones by the cord, don`t twist them as if it was rubber or you will find that yourself with soldering-iron in no time!


Construction - as i mentioned before -> construction is what makes them light and comfortable, BUT, it is also a MAJOR flaw. I found out this the hard way, so please, carefully take them off, carefully place them where they won`t fall or you will see that 1-2mm plastic ball that makes them adapt to your ear shape is broken and you`ll have to fix them.


Overall: Excellent headphones for portable use with either phone or mp3 player if you are willing to take care of them to prevent the possible issues.


Good review! I too loved the Porta Pro! ALthough it should be noted they are semi open, so no isolation :3 and I didn't keep mine very long... my head is BIG and I was afraid I was going to break them >.> 
Nice review.
If you have a lot of hair it can get tangled or stuck in the headband too. I had to part with mine away because of this :/
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