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Best On-Ear for its price. Used the anniversary edition.

A Review On: Koss PortaPro - Headphones ( semi-open )

Koss PortaPro - Headphones ( semi-open )

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Pros: light, timeless design from the eighties, very unique kind of sound signature, portable, lifelong warranty in the US, long warranty in germany.

Cons: tends to break, bass does overpower mids and highs if used at home without any mods, tend to rip out your hair or strangle you just for fun.

After my previous skullcandys my parents gave me as a present broke, I went to a store for electronic stuff in general and tested some headphones. The standard Porta Pro as well. The bass was cool, especially because it came out from nowhere.


Some days later I bought the anniversary edition in full black. Maybe the sound was a little bit better, I don't really know. First their design is really striking. I haven't seen such a headphone before, only earbuds, IEMs, over-ears, clip-ons and head-sets, but not this one. After adjusting the metal band to your head, there is almost no pressure. There were several times I totally forgot the headphones were still on my head. The less punchy, more muddy bass can be a benefit if you use this headphone primarily on the subway or other loud places. If you happen to dislike it because of usage at home or simply your personal preferences, you can mod it. I just used tinted HD414-Pads which increased the comfort even more and took a bit away from that bass. Only the portability somehow wasn't that good anymore, because the big pads prevented them from being simply folded in.


Some friends of mine reported to be strangled by them when they wore the Porta Pros around the neck. Mine just ripped out some hair. Another con is that they tend to break even if used with care. Most times it is the cable itself, because it is too thin for longer use. Sometimes the remaining plastic. And if yours manage to survive, the pads anyways need to be replaced some day. Except if you out HD414-Pads over them, then the wear is much less. Although folding them is possible, I advise against it, because it isn't good for them. At least you have a long (Germany) or even lifelong (US) warranty, but it still sucks to have certain parts replaced over and over.


Maybe someone invents a mod with an interchangeable cable like the Grado ones. That would make them the ultimate portable headphones next to the KSC-series which I haven't tried out. Who knows, it could happen at some day that I get some broken ones to experiment and make this true. Still got to learn how to solder properly.


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