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KOSS KSC75 Clipon EarPhones

A Review On: Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

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Pros: Excelent sound ever in this small lightweight set of phones.

Cons: The clips are Sturdy to wear after a couple of months of daily use.

This are Titanium coated Earphones. Actually I've known no other headphones brand that uses this kind of technology. 

Pros: Excelent Sound from the very bottom low frequencies (well balanced and undistorted), through excelent mids definition, plus a superb high definition (no like other phones which sound like piezo electric cheap tweeters on your ears!).

Once you get to know how to wear the clips, you forget that you have the KSC75 on.

Cons: The volume control is oversized and after let's say the first 4 months of wearing, they sound like my grandma's Telefunken hi-fi audio system knobs!!!  

The clips get unuseful very quickly (due to the wear iself) too. So you may have to use a little superglue dots in the clip/driver-junction to make them a little tight again.


I´ve used Koss stereophones since I first knew the brand using a set of Koss' TNT (Titanium Nitride Tech) 66's, which lasted me more than 18 years of really serious home-studio use!!! The sound never changed.!!! (I only had to change the cable twice during these years).

Well this little set of portables (KSC75), are amazing with no distortion perceptible at loud or mid volumes, also you can hear the fingers stepping over guitars when listening to Acustic Alchemy with no fatigue, or you can actually feel the solid bass in some late remixes by Tiesto and Armin V.B!!. This phones can handle whatsoever kind of music. Even let me tell you that once, when I had to suddenly move to another state for a while, I  didn´t have the budget to get a koss or a Bose set of new phones, so I went to Radio Shack and bought this model KSC75 and opened them, and together with another set of Audio Technica phones (not inexpensive at all, by the way) that I already had; So I took the audio technica poor sound quality drivers away and then i glued these KSC75's (takin its clips only off) drivers to attach them to the Audio Technica's right and left shells, and... Voualá!!!  I got a new set of pro-stereophones!!  I compared their sound to one friend of mine's BOSE AE2, and believe me, the only difference was the more powerfull bass on this Bose's. But in mids and high tones, I prefered the koss natural balanced sounding.. Anyway Paying more than 150 bucks is worth the KSC75!!! 


So i love them very much for the quality of details you can get from any kind of music, and there is no comparison against Skull Candy, Sony, Pioneer, even some Panasonic or JVC bass powered models... Obviously, talking into account products under the $100-$150 price!!

I have to mention by the way, that these clip-ons are open-design, so when you give them a better acustic environment, you´ll exponentiate their bass response through your ears too.


And if you evre don´t have the budget for a BOSE or any higher koss model, think on having these 75's and put them into another stereophone shell just as I did, and get amazing bass response with new acustic!!!


So give them a try and find why this inexpensive model is an outstanding performer out.  It's around $15-$20 bucks only!!!


Hopping this helped you to decide with your next shopping!!! (dec.2012)


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