Not to bad. EDIT: added new amp and am now very happy.

A Review On: Koss 183781 Ur22i Full-size Over-the-head Headphones With Microphone

Koss 183781 Ur22i Full-size Over-the-head Headphones With Microphone

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Pros: Cheap price.

Cons: Low volume. EDIT: much improved with a Venture Craft amp.

Since nobody else will admit to owning these I'll be the first.  biggrin.gif  I was looking for something dirt cheap that I could use while doing yard work.  They are certainly cheap at $19 and will serve their purpose just fine.  The sound is actually not too bad considering the price.  At first I was disappointed because there isn't a lot of bass and the volume is a lot lower then I'm used to with my HK CL's or the Beats Tour. But for the price they will serve their purpose just fine and as long as they make it one summer of outdoor use I'll consider them a bargain.  


EDIT:  I have read the advise/comments below and purchased my first amp. An amp for headphones is all new to me.  Did not know they existed.  I now own a brand new Venture Craft GD-03.  We recently retired 2 iPhones 3GS's and one is now permanently attached to the Venture Craft.  I spent the last several hours testing out the new amp and without ever having used one and having nothing to compare it to I have to say it makes a huge difference IMO. I have upgraded my opinion on the Koss UR22i's.  I can hear a very nice improvement and am actually starting to enjoy them and appreciate their comfort.  Thank you for the comments and suggestions and for pointing me in the right direction.  Unfortunately I can see a desktop amp in my future.  biggrin.gif


If they're "not too bad", why on earth a 1/5? Have you heard of any $20 headphones that sound better? I had the UR-22V (not i) and was shocked at how good they sounded for the price. They seemed to have a little extra mid-bass hump, relaxed mids and lots of treble.
For $20 it's the clearest sounding headphone I've heard at that price. The UR-20 is severely muffled in comparison.
It's also amusing how high I need to crank the volume up on my mp3 player for these! Nearly max!
You need an amp, boy. Don't blame the headphones for the inadequate gear you're using to power them. Of course Tours are gonna be louder, they're an IEM for Pete's sake. Demoing the UR-22i at Walmart was actually very impressive for the price range. They certainly beat the Tours, which sound worse than iBuds, and quite frankly I preferred them to what I remember of my M50s.
It makes no sense to rate badly a headphone because of low volume.
If you can't push the volume, use an amp, or a more powerful mp3 player.
BTW these work with MDR V6 and Auray Velour pads. A bit overkill for a $19 headphone, but might be worth it for some.