X10I The comfort and sound quality of these are fantastic and they are cheap for as good as they sound

A Review On: Klipsch Image X10 Noise-Isolating Earphone

Klipsch Image X10 Noise-Isolating Earphone

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Pros: Very detailed balanced good sound, extremely comfortable. I can wear them for 6 hours at work without knowing they are on, great noise isolation

Cons: some microphonics, had a few pair develop shorts in the wires.

I have some current Senn IE80s and I think the x10s sound better and are far more comfortable IMO. These are underated. I like them enough that I have bought 6 pair due to losing them or wear and tear and I buy the X10i with iphone controls @ $200+ a pop. Thats how much I like them.

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they are comfortable but they sound a bit harsh to me