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Very solid single BA performer

A Review On: Klipsch Image X10 Noise-Isolating Earphone

Klipsch Image X10 Noise-Isolating Earphone

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Techno Kid
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Pros: great bass, smooth detailed mids and highs, good soundstage width and 3D presentation and good isolation

Cons: none that I can find for a $85 IEM



5 Sets of Tips

Protective Case

Airplane Adaptor

Ear Tip Cleaning Tool


Build Quality / Fit,


On the build quality the X10 is very well built imo.  The housings are made of aluminium and I also think because they're so small that they'll last longer.  They have a good strain releif coming of the housing into a good splitter that has a neck clinch.  On do the cable is pretty much your standard cable that most IEM's have with the plasticy feel to them.  The jack has the gold plating with the same kind of strain relief as on the housing.  Over build quality is very good, I'd say some of the best of and IEM I've had.


Fit can be described in one word, "perfect".  These things fit me perfectly with the Klipsch patented oval shaped tips that I've also found to be some of the best fitting and isolating tips you can get.  The size of the IEM make so you don't even really feel them after awhile, these truly are some of the most comfortable IEM's you can get imo.  The isolation as I mentioned is outstanding, I'd say its almost as good as the Etymotics which are considered to be the best.  I can't say it enough these fit really good and I can't see anyone have a problem with them at all.



Sound Quality,


Bass - The bass is one of the strong points of the X10's presentation.  They have a very good amount of impact in the mid-bass and as for depth they're no slouch either with plenty of sub-bass imo.  Its well textured with good speed and decay times.  For the EDM I listen to the X10's bass is more than sufficient and I think even some bassheads would enjoy the X10's low end.  I think they out perform the FAD Heaven in the bass, the Heaven I feel still has a bit more impact and depth over all but not buy much and the X10's bass sounds cleaner with better texture over all, they're just a solid performer in that area.


Mids - The mids are probably what I like most with IEM's as I've become a pretty big mid-head and the X10's midrange like the bass doesn't disappoint.  They're on the warm and smooth side and are also a bit forward but nothing I'd call mid-centric.  The have good detail but are missing some of the micro detail of other high end sets like the SM3 but it doesn't take away from the SQ imo.  They do an excellent job of isolating the vocals and dare I say almost as good at that as the BA200 thought they're not quite that good at it but still better than many other higher end IEM's I've heard.  I think the mids of the X10 are a lot like the Sony XBA-1 but better at isolating vocals.


Highs - Not much different from many other warmer mid forward IEM's in that they're laid back and fatigue free.  The have a decent amount of sparkle, just enough to get the detail you want from the treble.  So I'm not going to go into more detail as the highs sound a lot like the highs of the BA200, SM3 (though not quite as good) and other warm sounding IEM's.


Soundstage - This part surprised me because I wasn't expecting the soundstage to be as good as it is.  What surprised me the most was how good they portrayed width, the sound much wider than what I was expecting and they also have a fair amount of height along with good depth.  As for the separation and imaging they're both good but not quite to the level of the SM3 or BA200 but I wouldn't expect them to be though at the MSRP price of $350 you'd want better separation and imaging.


Conclusion - So the Klipsch Image X10, its a very good IEM for the price they're going for now which is around the $100 mark.  Very clean and impactful bass, warm and smooth mids and highs along with a very well rounded soundstage makes these a very nice bargain imo, so if that sounds like something you'd like I say don't hesitate to get a pair.


Rating - 9


Yup, got to agree. I reviewed the X10s for blogcritics and, they have become my preferred set of cans for day-to-day use. The ovoid tips are incredibly comfortable, and allow me to place them well into my ear canal, resulting in no bone conduction noise. the shape is excellent for inserting and removing, and they work equally well around the ear or down. As a bonus, the mic is quite flat. Though not the last word in fidelity and linearity, they are darn good and fun to listen with...well worth the price.
cant stand the fit of my ultimate ears trifi10, just bought this. hopefully it will satisfy my needs before i get my ciem. cant wait for my x10 to arrive!!!
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