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Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones Reviews


Klipsch Image S4


Pros: Decent SQ

Cons: booming bass

Audio quality-pretty good. Bass can be overbearing. Design-it is comfortable. Sticks out at an odd angle if you don't swap ears, and then the stereo is reversed. Comfort-As above. Don't notice it in my ear with the Comply TX-100s I added. With silicone it can be annoying. Isolation-Pretty good with silicone. Awesome with Comply.

Good but buy extra tips


Pros: Good design, good deep bass, isolation is very well and can be worn for a couple of hours without any discomfort

Cons: Few accessories, tips have unhelpful core diameter, the cable collects noise and looks fragile

I bough them to a friend as a birthday gift the last year. He tells me that are excellent headphones, perhaps to not make me look bad or maybe he was right, so I decided to buy my own pair. just as a note I bought my friend's S4 twice of the price than mine in a music store in Mexico, so the price varies too much in these latitudes.   It not brings you any extra for your money, only three sets of tips that aren't so useful. A hard case that becomes deformed soon and can't be closed after some weeks of usage.   I have not much experience in headphones and equipment when try them, but I had a Bose IE2 as earphones of choice and this set replaces it in...
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Klipsch S4i = overrated


Pros: reasonable bass

Cons: poor build quality leads to short life span, weak midrange

Hmmm... I did a bit or research before buying these. There were plenty of glowing reports out there and the cynic in me thinks that most writers on major sites write nice reports in order to not bite the hand that feeds them.   Against: The build quality seemed average at best, the cables transmit a lot of noise, it like someone running alive mic over clothing The mid range and treble sounds like its coming down a phone line After 6 short months of 1-2 hours use per day the left speaker died Klipsch lovingly referred me back to the seller for a warranty claim, awesome - NOT   For: Once a figured out how to seal them in, for meant inserting with wire up, not...
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Lasted less than 6 months!


Pros: The block out a lot of ambient noise.

Cons: They don't hold up to normal wear and tear.

I received these headphones for a Christmas present after doing A LOT of research.  I enjoyed them at first, but after less than 3 months the cord at the jack began to loosen, even though I religiously put them back into their case after every use.  By the time I had owned them for 6 months, they were no longer working.     This part of the headphone is not covered by warranty, so I no longer have the headphones, or the money.   Great.

Fun, but sibilant


Pros: Very comfortable, easy-to-use, consumer sound

Cons: Tends towards sibilance, better options for the price

I bought these alongside the UE500, with the intent of keeping the one I liked and returning the other one. Auditioning through a stereo, the S4s were a little less lively and smooth than the UEs, and tended towards some fairly bad sibilance, especially on classical tracks with high violin parts that were almost painful to listen to. I liked the UEs better, and returned these.   Despite the sound quality issues, I have to say they were very comfortable and hassle-free, and the build seemed better than the UEs (which have had cable issues since).   Keep in mind that this was a while back, before I had a lot of audio experience (still don't), and that neither pair was...
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Good IEM


Pros: Balanced sound, quite enough bass, excelent isolation

Cons: Strange fit, fragile, thin cable, highs are a little distorted

These will provide very good isolation if you get the correct fit. I managed to do this by trying out all the tips affered. As others have noted, the is a little bit of distortion on the highs, which I've noticed slightly affects the vocals. The bass on these is really good, altough it fortunately doesn't drown the rest of the sound, which makes them a little balanced to my ears. Overall good value.

Decent IEMs


Pros: Bass, comfort, isolation

Cons: poor construction quality, bass-heavy

I got these after I put my UE Super Fi-4s in the wash and I couldn't handle my cx-300iis not fitting quite right anymore.    The newer version has a straight plug, and a decently thick cable, which hasn't tangled, but it is quite bent fro being wrapped up. However, where the cable goes into the housing of the earphone, there is a slightly thicker part that wraps around, which has cracked after 6 months, and it sort of scares me.   They're very comfortable, with oval shaped tips instead of round ones that come with most iems. They also seem a bit large and heavy to me, and sometimes they fall out if my ears are especially sweaty or it's a long listening session, so...
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Great for the Price I Paid


Pros: Great audio quality, They fit very well, Good warm bass

Cons: The cord is very thin (others feel it might rip, I don't think so), Not really noise isolating

I got these headphones from a friend that got these bundled with the iPod Touch 4G he got for his birthday. He told me that he did not like in ear headphones and was going to use them with his Skullcandy's. I got really excited since the headphones are from Klipsch so obviously I couldn't turn down the deal.   When I got them, I literally threw out my cheap Skullcandy's and forgot about my comfortable Apple Buds, these headphones are great!   What I like: The audio quality, while not the clearest is great. I really like the highs and the bass when I put these on and I prefer these over some of my other headphones because they sound very good with house music and...
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There are better options at this price.


Pros: Bass presence, iPhone compatible mic available.

Cons: Price, overall sound quality, comfort.

At the MSRP of $99 or at the discounted price of $79 there are many better options out there.  I bought these before I did any research, on an impulse at the Apple store.   The bass is appropriately enhanced without being overwhelming.  Decent extension but not very quick or precise.  The mids & treble are lacking refinement, while they are clearer than many earphones, they do not produce enough quality to justify the price of the set.  The treble is very harsh & sibilant, I couldn't listen to these for very long without feeling fatigued.  They aren't specifically comfortable but not especially uncomfortable, like many of it's peers they don't...
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Pros: sound surrounds you, enough bass to make you want to sway

Cons: oval ear pieces

Used them for a year or so.  Very happy. bass is tight, not booming, highs are pleasant. They are a bit slippery to fiddle with for me. The material the ear pieces are make my ears itch after about 30-40 minutes.  I had to have Klipsch send me the other size that is not included as none of the included ones were fitting properly. Even then, out of all of them, they don't fit as I would like them to.  The pointed ear pieces are all way too small, the oval ones I ended up NOT aligning as suggested to get them to fit the best for me.   The cable is thin and  tangles easily, as I'm sure others do.  I have been fairly gentle with them so I cannot attest...
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