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Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


I like 'em - great for iPhone


Pros: Sound good, Comfortable, iPhone-compatible

Cons: large button, ear mold plastic could be firmer

I got a pair of these to use with my iPhone for listening to music as well as making calls. So far I'm pretty pleased. I agree with raghunath that they are a little bassy, at least compared to my last cheap pair. But I don't mean that in a bad way. I like the way they sound. They're a very comfortable fit and come with 4 different sets of plastic tips in different sizes so you can use the one that fits your ears best. I am having a little trouble with my left ear - I can't seem to get the fit to be as snug as I would like. It slips out sometimes. It seems that if the plastic were a little firmer it might make a better seal. But it's a minor issue which I hope will go away with more...
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I feel these are good earphones for Indian Classical vocal, (which is what I listen to) because of the inherent nature of ICM. Mids are clear. The only real base in this kind of music is tabla, which is really laid back compared to vocal in most of the cases. Therefore even though they are a little bassy, it does not affect the quality much.

These legendary budget iems do not dissapoint!


Pros: exciting sound, comfortable and light weight, excellent design and quality, shiny!

Cons: straight plug? for some people

To clarify: I have the normal s4, not the inline mic/remote edition (these http://www.bestbuy.com/site/image-s4-stereo-earphone/9422369.p?id=1218105502820&skuId=9422369&st=klipsch s4&cp=1&lp=3) I picked these up the other day just for the heck of it and because of their legendary status as excellent budget iems. I really wasn't expecting jaw dropping sound, especially since I was currently pricing some iems several price brackets above these. I am however very pleased with my purchase. Here's my short review :)   Reasons the s4 have made such a positive impression on me: comfort, quality and excellent design. The driver housings fit neatly in my ear and get a nice...
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Negative Reviews


For a $45 IEM, what do you expect?


Pros: Cheap, portable, durable, comfy

Cons: Muddy, treble rolloff, nonexistant sub-bass

If you've never heard anything other than the cheap crappy headphones that come with your ipod, these will still sound amazing. Real bass! Actual detail in treble! I can't recommend them however. I'm not sure there's anything in this price range yet for IEMs that's acceptable. Headphones are getting cheaper and better over time so it could be something better has come along.   My S4's are trusty little things that still work to this day, unlike my X-10's which broke several months after I got them. They also have a better cable. The rubberized sheath doesn't tangle or break easily and travels very nicely.   These are also very comfortable. I loved the earpieces so much, I...
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OK sound, and comfort, just beware TERRIBLE build quality


Pros: Sounds half decent, bass not too woolly and treble not too harsh

Cons: Cable will fail you, even if you treat it like it an angel. Cost doesn't reflect quality.

I've had a very bad experience with these headphones and as such will personally not be buying Klipsch again. I'm now on my third pair of the the S4A (II)'s - the version specifically for Android smartphones. All three developed the same issue, losing sound in one channel. There appears to be a significant design flaw in the cable as in all three cases I was wither walking along with the phone in pocket or doing another everyday activity like mowing the lawn and the channel just cut out to such a degree I was never able to determine the location of the break by manipulating the cable, plug or joints.    The local Klipsch local distributor replaced the first and second...
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Worst purchase ever


Pros: ...

Cons: Everything for a headphone that's not free

I bought the klipsch s4i along with the iPhone4 on iPhone4's launching day cause I thought my new phone deserves a good earbuds.  Boy was I wrong. klipsch s4i is nothing more than a piece of sh*t! Please excuse my language or if I offended any klipsch fans, but im just trying to speak of my mind. The sound will break when the note is too high and there is absolutely no bass. I really thought the old model earbuds made by Apple that came with the iPhone4 is better than the klipsch s4i.

More Reviews


Durability issues are a problem


Pros: Good overall sound quality, nice aesthetic design, one of the better "consumer" headphones you can buy at retail

Cons: Poor fit and durability, harsh sibilance

These were the first IEMs I bought that were over 50$ after reading good reviews on it. Unfortunately I don't think they live up to the hype. They are definitely better than some of the other consumer-oriented brands such as Beats, Bose, etc. but they are not worth 70 or 80$.   Note: I do not have my fully functioning S4 anymore because I recently lost it. (long story) The one I mention in this review comes in the blue CNET box (no cleaning tool, straight plug).   Sound quality The sound quality is a V-shape signature with an emphasis on the highs. The bass is rather boomy but it does not overpower everything else and quite detailed still. The mids are a bit...
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Klipsch S4 Review – Audiophile Genesis


Pros: Great comfort and isolation, Sound is a step above consumer competition, Very accessible

Cons: Bass can be too much depending on preference, Upper mids too thick, Treble is harsh, Cable is thin and the straight jack is not durable

Introduction –  I`ve always been a bit of a Klipsch fan. In fact the s4`s on account of Cnet`s glowering reviews, became my first proper earphone. I remember listening to my father`s set for the first time, it was that mind blowing moment for me where I realized just how much difference audio gear actually makes and such a huge step up from the stock earbuds that I`d been using at the time. Whilst I didn`t possess the audio vocabulary to describe the sound or the experience to judge it`s characteristics, I still found myself enjoying my music so much more. These earphones drove me to buy the higher model x10`s which I still own and enjoy and then a set of...
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Pretty good


Pros: Bass, high quality, carry case, (comfort, isolation)

Cons: Mids, highs, comfort, isolation

Brought these way back in 2011 for what seems like a total rip off today of $80 or so.    Good: Bass, I think the bass is too dominant with these, it makes the mids sound bad and the highs are just absolute crap. Build quality is good, my right one's cable was not very securely attached to the stress relief but still held up no problem over the years. Stock tips didn't work the best for me, my ears and IEM's hate each other. I brought triple flange tips and the isolation is improved, as well as comfort and no changes to sound quality.    Bad: Stock tips not for me. Mids sometimes taken hostage by the bass. Highs were shot long before, they didn't stand a chance!

great for the price


Pros: great bass, just right highs and treble

Cons: casing loosens after a while

You will always remember your first, and these earphones are probably the best first's i could ever get at that time. For someone who had never used anything besides apple earphones and equivalent quality earphones, so the s4's where a huge jump in terms of audio quality. It was great for most types of music that i listen to, anything from fall out boy to Andre Bocelli, so I'd say its a great starter for anyone looking for a cheap and good pair of entry level earphones. It has a really nice and mellow tones, especially in the mids where Andre Bocelli's ringing voice completely envelops you.   the build is great mostly, really nice design and the cable is thin but not fragile....
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I just keep coming back. Klipsch, I love you.


Pros: cheaper than Ethiopian dirt, good construction, glorious bass, perfect fit.

Cons: no in-line volume controls, or remote/mic.

This was the first pair of headphones that I truly fell in love with. I remember it like it was yesterday, I asked my roommate of I could borrow his headphones while I studied for my upcoming computer science midterm.  He handed me a tangled mess of black rubber wire, and said "here, they suck but they're the only ones I have".  Laughing, I put them in my ears, and was surprised at the immediate ease of insertion.  Hmm, I put on some Deadmau5, Sofie Needs a Ladder, and then it happened... WHAARRRGLARBLE Is this what music sounds like!?  How have I gone my whole life listening to this skullcandy crap!?  I could hear ever note, the vocals were like someone was...
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Klipsch Image S4


Pros: Decent SQ

Cons: booming bass

Audio quality-pretty good. Bass can be overbearing. Design-it is comfortable. Sticks out at an odd angle if you don't swap ears, and then the stereo is reversed. Comfort-As above. Don't notice it in my ear with the Comply TX-100s I added. With silicone it can be annoying. Isolation-Pretty good with silicone. Awesome with Comply.

Good but buy extra tips


Pros: Good design, good deep bass, isolation is very well and can be worn for a couple of hours without any discomfort

Cons: Few accessories, tips have unhelpful core diameter, the cable collects noise and looks fragile

I bough them to a friend as a birthday gift the last year. He tells me that are excellent headphones, perhaps to not make me look bad or maybe he was right, so I decided to buy my own pair. just as a note I bought my friend's S4 twice of the price than mine in a music store in Mexico, so the price varies too much in these latitudes.   It not brings you any extra for your money, only three sets of tips that aren't so useful. A hard case that becomes deformed soon and can't be closed after some weeks of usage.   I have not much experience in headphones and equipment when try them, but I had a Bose IE2 as earphones of choice and this set replaces it in...
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Klipsch S4i = overrated


Pros: reasonable bass

Cons: poor build quality leads to short life span, weak midrange

Hmmm... I did a bit or research before buying these. There were plenty of glowing reports out there and the cynic in me thinks that most writers on major sites write nice reports in order to not bite the hand that feeds them.   Against: The build quality seemed average at best, the cables transmit a lot of noise, it like someone running alive mic over clothing The mid range and treble sounds like its coming down a phone line After 6 short months of 1-2 hours use per day the left speaker died Klipsch lovingly referred me back to the seller for a warranty claim, awesome - NOT   For: Once a figured out how to seal them in, for meant inserting with wire up, not...
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Lasted less than 6 months!


Pros: The block out a lot of ambient noise.

Cons: They don't hold up to normal wear and tear.

I received these headphones for a Christmas present after doing A LOT of research.  I enjoyed them at first, but after less than 3 months the cord at the jack began to loosen, even though I religiously put them back into their case after every use.  By the time I had owned them for 6 months, they were no longer working.     This part of the headphone is not covered by warranty, so I no longer have the headphones, or the money.   Great.

Fun, but sibilant


Pros: Very comfortable, easy-to-use, consumer sound

Cons: Tends towards sibilance, better options for the price

I bought these alongside the UE500, with the intent of keeping the one I liked and returning the other one. Auditioning through a stereo, the S4s were a little less lively and smooth than the UEs, and tended towards some fairly bad sibilance, especially on classical tracks with high violin parts that were almost painful to listen to. I liked the UEs better, and returned these.   Despite the sound quality issues, I have to say they were very comfortable and hassle-free, and the build seemed better than the UEs (which have had cable issues since).   Keep in mind that this was a while back, before I had a lot of audio experience (still don't), and that neither pair was...
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