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Bass heads rejoice. A bassy headphone for bass heads.

A Review On: Klipsch Image ONE Premium On-Ear Earphones

Klipsch Image ONE Premium On-Ear Earphones

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Pros: Light. Sturdy. Compact. Bass (for those who like it). Comfortable for a few hours. Remote and mic. Easy to EQ. Nice design. Nice case.

Cons: Bass. Recessed mids. Muddy. Bloated. The wire, Plug.

Let me start by saying that I am no expert when it comes to sound. I am not very good at using what I like to call "Audiophile terminology". Anyways, on to the review.



-Dell Inspiron 15

-Samsung Galaxy Q

-Sony Xperia S

-iPod touch 2nd gen

-iPod nano 5th gen

-iPod nano 6th gen



Well, having owned these for as long as I have, there have been countless tracks used with these. For this review, I picked tracks used in my other reviews (with the exception of K-OS)to keep consistency and better judge the sound.

-Michael Jackson Thriller flac

-Michael Jackson Dangerous flac

-The Beatles Blue Album (Greatest Hits) flac

-Drake Nothing Was The Same flac

-Frank Ocean Channel Orange flac

-Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience parts 1 and 2 mp3 @ 320

-Eminem The Slim Shady LP flac

-Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP flac

-Taylor Swift Safe and Sound (song) mp3 @ 320

-Daft Punk Random Access Memories flac

-MGMT Oracular Spectacular


What's included in the box:

-Hard shell, zip-up case (really nice)

-Airline adaptor (those old two pronged nightmares)

-1/4 inch adaptor

-The headphones themselves



Well, they are about as comfortable as any supra-aural (on-ear) headphones I have tried. As is common -at least for me- they get quite uncomfortable after about 3 hours of use, due to the pressure put on the ears by the cups. This isn't a fault of the headphones per say, as it's part of what comes with the design of any headphone (that I have tried) that goes the supra-aural route. However, if comfort for long hours of use if important for you, look else where (preferably over ears or, if portability is a concern, iems -if you can find the right tips-). These also cause discomfort when worn with glasses after about 45 minutes, so for those of us with glasses, these are a no go. As for the material used on the pads, it is pleather and as such is not very good in very hot weather where sweat and heat may be a concern. The headband has good enough padding and is well made.

While wearing them around the neck. the swivel cups come in very handy, as they can become flat and not interfere with movement in anyway.


Build: Sturdy, and I mean it. The actual headphones -minus the wire, but more on that later- are very well built, and can take a beating if you're so inclined to subject them to it. They are built almost entirely out of plastic, aside from the metal in the headband. That's not a problem though, as the soft touch plastic is great for taking everything life can throw at them, and contributes to the light weight of the headphones.


The Sound: As a note, I'd like to mention that everything was heard un-amped.

Bass: Bass heads rejoice

The meat of the sound. Thumpy, thundering, muddy, bloated or any other such adjective you can use to describe a headphone with huge bass presence. Imagine a subwoofer, now grap some tape and tape it to the side of your head and that's what you have here. Personally. I am not a fan of headphones with too much bass so I am going to count it as a negative. However, if you have a good equalizer, you can EQ to bearable levels, as I did for most of the hip-hop songs I used for testing (if you're not a bass head). One thing I can say, is that these headphones seem to bring bass out of places that normally wouldn't. So.......yeah. As a side note, if you travel a lot via bus, train or plane and want an affordable, portable headphone, these are very good as the bass drowns out the outside noise quite well. 

Mids: Where?

One word: recessed. They sound distant and muddy. Drowned out by the bass, there really isn't much to say about them. Voices seem distant. For example, Michaels voice in smooth criminal takes a serious back seat to the bass guitar and drums.

Highs: .....Better than the mids

Slightly more forward then the mids, but not as quite as prominent as the bass. They're okay, though there isn't much sparkle. Not much to say really.


The Wire and controls:

The wire is a non-removable "Y" cord with the mic and iPod/iPhone controls seated in the Y split. The buttons are good, they have a nice click to them and seem like they can take a beating and not break or loosen up. The mic also is very good, with clear voices when used in environments that don't involve howling winds. There are a couple of things that are huge negatives to an otherwise pretty good wire.

1:It is very kink prone

2:Like I stated earlier, it isn't removable. Even though Klipsch offers a 2 year warranty, it is worrying as it can give out after a while. Though I have not have any issues with it yet, watch out.

3:Straight plug with not do great strain relief. This is where the non- removable nature of the wire becomes very very worrying. The plug isn't very good, and doesn't live up to the rest of the headphones quality.


The Klipsch Image Ones are great as a starter pair of headphones (as they were for me) or anyone upgrading form something like the old beats studios, solos, or the apple earphones. They are alright, but you can do a lot better at the price, especially if you look around a little and spring for sales. 


Thanks for reading :)


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