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Klipsch Image ONE Premium On-Ear Earphones Reviews


Nice but not for my taste


Pros: Sound is clear enough, nice carrying case and bass is nice for a basshead

Cons: Too bassy, confort is poor

First I`d like to say that I`m not an audiophile, but I appreciate good sound especially for watching movies on my ipad.   When I got these headphones I was really impressed with the the bass response, at first I thought that would be nice to have such bassy headphones for watching movies. However, as I would use them, I noticed that I the bass was so overemphasized that A guy shooting a 22 would sounded like a Desert eagle! totally unreal. Songs were good though, however, the bass guitar sometimes seemed to keep vocals out of focus. Comfort wise was really bad since these are on-ear, the pressure is too strong. I Also have a Bose AE2 which is excellent in comfot (only comfort) and...
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Bass heads rejoice. A bassy headphone for bass heads.


Pros: Light. Sturdy. Compact. Bass (for those who like it). Comfortable for a few hours. Remote and mic. Easy to EQ. Nice design. Nice case.

Cons: Bass. Recessed mids. Muddy. Bloated. The wire, Plug.

Let me start by saying that I am no expert when it comes to sound. I am not very good at using what I like to call "Audiophile terminology". Anyways, on to the review.   Sources: -Dell Inspiron 15 -Samsung Galaxy Q -Sony Xperia S -iPod touch 2nd gen -iPod nano 5th gen -iPod nano 6th gen   Music: Well, having owned these for as long as I have, there have been countless tracks used with these. For this review, I picked tracks used in my other reviews (with the exception of K-OS)to keep consistency and better judge the sound. -Michael Jackson Thriller flac -Michael Jackson Dangerous flac -The Beatles Blue Album (Greatest Hits) flac -Drake Nothing Was The Same...
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For the price, good. Nothing special.


Pros: Will satisfy bassheads, restrained highs are forgiving, very durable and good-looking

Cons: Too much bass for me, drowned lower mids, upper mids are pushy

Having gone from the absolutely awful Sony MDR-XB500s directly to these, I was relatively impressed. Only relatively, though. Now that I own Audio-Technica ATH-M50s with non-airtight velour replacement pads and a Fiio E11 without using the bass boost feature, I've come to truly appreciate the somewhat more neutral sound my current setup presents. The Image ONE has plenty of sub, and it extends impressively low. The highest highs, however? Gone. Rolled off the steepest hill imaginable. For most music, that would be okay, due to this forgiving sound signature. But as a listener with variety, I like to hear the crack of a snare drum or a vocalist's throat being cleared before a lyric. The...
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Fantastic underrated headphones


Pros: Comfort, build quality, sound quality, iPod mic/clicker thing.

Cons: Some might think there's a bit too much bass, your ears get kind of hot after a while

Let me start off this review by saying two things: 1) This is one of my very first reviews, so I'm sorry if I'm horribly inaccurate and stupid-sounding or just flat-out wrong. I try to write my reviews without bias and with as much honesty as I can. 2) I am not an audiophile, I listen to my headphones on an iPod touch 5th gen, and I don't own a portable amp. I do this because I want my reviews to apply to the average Joseph who likes great sounding audio, but isn't really in it to make a very expensive hobby out of it. I am an enthusiast for high-quality sound, but the majority of people who will look up "headphone reviews" on Google are not out to make their own audio rig, just to find...
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The best on-ear headphones for under $100


Pros: Inexpensive, durable, lightweight, good sound, bass, in-line remote

Cons: A bit small for over-ear, a bit big for on-ear, thin cable/connector

These are my favorite headphones of all time. They aren't the best sounding or looking or the best quality build, but they aren't lacking and can be found for VERY cheap.   Quality and looks The looks are very good. I would prefer a matte finish but the leather-texture on the back of the ear cups looks very nice. The chrome also looks nice. They are small and look completely non-pretentious. The build quality is shocking. While very thin, small and light, these headphones have survived about 2 years of abuse from me with no issues. The cable is thin and small but the connectors and in-line mic/remote have not worn down. I could not be happier in this category  ...
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The headphones that brought me into the over-ear/on-ear realm


Pros: Bass, lighweight, surprisingly strong, look nice, good quality ear pads.

Cons: "Paint" on the headband, Size (feel like they should be over ears, but my ears are too small), fall off easily

The Image One's were the first over-ear/ on- ear headphone I purchased. I was always concerned about them not being as loud as in ears, and the portability issues as well, but with an amp, I was no longer concerned with volume, and I actually now find full sizes to be as portable as in ears. At the store, I was torn between a few in-ears, and the reference versions of these, which as far as I know are the same sound, just the reference series has a different look, and perhaps better materials (better as in better looking material perhaps). The Image Ones are truly a great pair of headphones, and I loved them even more when I was more of a bass head. Not saying I don't enjoy them still....
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Good but not Great


Pros: Good highs, lows and bass

Cons: Could use an amp

For the price I thought they would be a bit better.  The materials are nothing special.  The cable is kind of cheap but I do know in their newest version of it the cable is improved.  I think you need an amp for these which is never something I want to do.  From what I hear though klipsch has moved back to the US and I hope that means they will put out more impressive models.  I still enjoyed it but I was left not satisfied.  They are comfortable though.

Good, solid, everyday headphone


Pros: Nice bang for the buck, comfortable, bass response

Cons: light on mids, mic is too far away

I have been using these headphones almost every day for the better part of a year and they have proven to be very reliable. I did have to get them replaced about a week after I bought them for what sounded like a ripped cone in the left ear but no problems since, most likely a fluke since I haven't heard of the problem from anyone else. Bass notes are strong and mids are adequate, highs leave a bit to be desired but they produce an overall accurate sound. They do not, on the other hand, isolate noise very well so unless you listen to your music on the loud side, I would look elsewhere for airplanes and busy subways etc. As far as design goes, they are unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy...
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nice bassy heapdhones


Pros: very nice bass, comfortable, well made, play pause controller

Cons: cable connets to both sides, looks kinda weird

if you enjoy bass like i do these are very good headphones for the price, they mids and highs are good, i cant go into detail because im not a audiophile but the bass is very thumpy and rumbly. This is a very fun sounding heapphone and exciting. These are pretty comfy and adjust nicely. Isolation is average and these handle leakage GREAT!! they hardly leak even at full volume.  Over all if you like bass these sound good and you can get theme for $90 on amazon right now

My 2nd favorite


Pros: Punchy Bass, clear highs and mids, extremely comfortable, classy design, sturdy construction, portable

Cons: Soundstage not very airy, bass rumbles a bit too much sometimes, non removable cable

My favourite earphones were the Klipsch Image s4's. Purchased these for 80$ back in Jan 2011. Still going strong. Theses were my first expensive earphones, and they got me hooked. I have tried Bose, Sennheiser, Dr. Dre( haha lol...), Sony and a lot of othet IEMs/ headphones below 200$ after that, but none even came remotely close to my s4's. I currently own: 1. The s4's 2. The Image one 3. MEE M6 4.JVC HARX700 5. Apple stock 6. couple of samsung stocks, etc...   So my s4's were getting older, and I thought, might as well get a decent backup earphone. I wanted something with a similar sound signature to the s4, good, thumping bass, overall clarity on the sound...
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