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KingRex UD384 + UPower

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KingRex UD384 + UPower

The new UD384's micro aluminum extrusion chassis encompasses two devices: a USB DDC to stream digital signals to legacy DAC through coaxial S/PDIF output up to 24bit/192kHz and a USB DAC to process true HD music files into ultra high resolution stereo analog signals up to 32bit/ 384kHz. The UD384 accepts 16bit/44.1kHz to 32bit/384kHz data and operates in asynchronous mode. Its low-jitter 1ppm TCXO supersedes the PC or Mac host as the master clock, resulting in bit-perfect transfer and huge sonic improvement. The KingRex U-Power smart-charge battery power supply is further recommended for completely off-the-grid and noise-free operation.

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