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A Review On: KEF M200 Hi-Fi In-Ear Headphones, Aluminum/Black

KEF M200 Hi-Fi In-Ear Headphones, Aluminum/Black

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Pros: Bass, mids, highs(sort of), comfortable! Sexy

Cons: PITA to put into ears, stock tips

For reference the only other pair of IEM's worth noting are Kilpsch S4' with triple flange tips.


These normally go for around $200 brand new, I got mine like new, for $115! I was originally going to buy Yamaha EPH100's but it was a fight between the Brits and the Japanese, Brits won, I was thinking about Top Gear... Having previously only listened to one pair of KEF speakers at my local Fry's I thought they were going to sound like absolute soul-less junk. (They we're the cheapest KEF's speakers possible)  Well, they didn' all.


I am writing this review in BASS mode, so I am using bass boost to maximize the bass.


Bass is really deep and great extension. Mids are still great despite bass boost. Highs have become a bit boring with bass boost. 


Very comfortable with foam tips, great isolation. However, it takes AGES to put into my ears, stupid foam tips expand too fast because the earhooks make it take longer to put in. Another thing about my ears, is that they push anything out, even triple flange with superglue, they push them out. I have to push these back in once in awhile.


Build quality is amazing, the aluminum is very high quality and light. The black rubber pieces are very flexible and high quality, doesn't feel like it would break anytime soon.


The carry case it comes with is useless with foam tips, can't close it without the foam being compressed. It's also way to small, takes me about 3 days to put them inside. 


I listen with these with a Sony Xperia Z2 and the iApple control thing is surprisingly not annoying, doesn't get in the way. 


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