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Excellent Desktop Amp that Won't Break the Bank

A Review On: K.I.C.A.S. Caliente

K.I.C.A.S. Caliente

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Pros: Build quality, sound, power, simplicity

Cons: Simplicity (for some)

The KICAS from Purity Audio is a very clean and capable sounding solid state amp that's been spiced with a touch of tube-esque warmth. 


KICAS (Keep It Clean And Simple) says it all. 1/4" headphone out, power switch, a pair of RCA inputs, and AC power input. That's all you get, and the guys at Purity proved that's all you need.


This one has excellent synergy with my Grados as well as the SM64s. The RS1's sound very punchy and dynamic (even more than normal) with sibilance only on poor recordings. Separation is very natural and coherent. This amp may not be the most neutral, but it certainly doesn't do anything weird to the source. Music is presented very naturally (I'm very reminded of the Colorfly C3's kind of sound - lush, rich, and organic).


I've heard it only briefly with some higher impedance cans like the ZMF V1 and HE500. The amp powered both with ease and from my brief time with them, both cans responded well to it's "just-north-of-neutral" presentation.


I would certainly recommend this amp to anyone looking for a do-it-all amp solution that specializes in simplicity yet gives a rich musical sound. 


That's a flash from the past. As far as I know, the guys who were making the K.I.C.A.S. amps gave it all up some years ago.
Too bad. Really is a quality amp that does a lot quite well!
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