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A Review On: JVC Victor Head-band Portable Headphones | HA-S500-B Black (Japanese Import)

JVC Victor Head-band Portable Headphones | HA-S500-B Black (Japanese Import)

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Pros: fun sounding, very detailed, portable, folds up, smooth treble (non-fatiguing), easy to drive.

Cons: uncomfortable for long periods of use, some may find them too bassy (i don't), a carrying case would've been nice.


If you're looking for a good portable with excellent sound, go buy these now. I said now. Why are you still reading this? I said go buy it!


I would like to start by saying that those can usually be found between $30-$70.


I got mine for $40 and payed $15 for shipping. And trust me when i say, this is one of the best $55 i have spent on audio equipment. 


Ever since i got these, i never left the house without them. Ever. They are very convenient and portable. I take them with me to the gym or occasionally for jogging, and they do a perfect job of staying on my head without falling off. 


Just some headphone photography before i begin wink_face.gif


Build Quality: 

Outstanding for the price. If you held it in your hands you wouldn't say its a $50 headphone. Even though they are mostly made of plastic, I am sure they can take a beating. As i said previously, they fold up and are easy to store anywhere. They can sometimes even fit my pocket.




If they can fit in my hands, they can probably fit in yours too because my hands are not that big anyway. 



The first couple of hours i tried the S500's, they were very uncomfortable to the point that i had to take them off every 20-30 minutes. That being said, they do get more comfortable the more you wear them. They have been with me for a 2 weeks now and they only get uncomfortable after say 1-2 hours of use. My ears are probably small/average size, and they are fairly comfortable to me. Clamping pressure is also not that bad. I actually wish they could clamp a little more so that i can move my head up and forth with more freedom. 


Easily Driven: 

Those are only 32ohms and have a sensitivity of 106/1mW. Straight out of my phone and tablet, the volume is usually between %40-%50. On my laptop, its approximately on %20. Yes, %20 is loud enough for me. Even %40 on my laptop would deafen me. To conclude, I'd say amping is very unnecessary, unless you want to go REALLY loud. Personally, I still use my FiiO E11 with them simply because i can boost the bass for that extra oomph whenever i want. L3000.gif




Don't let the low price tag fool you. I consider the sound quality of these on par with my ATH-M50's if not better. Overall these have a fun sound signature with emphasis on the bass. Some will say the treble is recessed but i say its just smooth and non-fatiguing. 



Astonishing. The detail on these is on-par with my M50's, sometimes even better! All that without being assaulted by harsh/strident treble. Micro-details are easily heard and you wouldn't believe this is from a $50 headphone. 



For all you bass lovers out there like me, this can is perfect for you. The bass extends really deep and sub-bass capabilities are excellent. Out of the box, you will notice that the bass is boomy and uncontrolled. Give it some time. After a week or so, the bass gets much more controlled and becomes more well-defined. Is it enough bass for a basshead? No. I am a mini-basshead myself and at times i usually use the bass boost on my E11. I don't get the talk about the crazy amounts of bass these have. The bass is definitely not overbearing to the point of giving you a headache and its not lacking either. I find it perfect for the genres i listen to (drum and bass, vocal trance, hardstyle). 



Simply put, the midrange is very nice. A little recessed if you are coming from a midrange-forward can. But for $50, can't complain. 



Here is where things get messy for some. This can has been accused of being an overly dark, congested sounding headphone. I strongly disagree. I think the treble is wonderful and extends all the way up there without being fatiguing nor harsh. Not a hint of sibilance here. The treble is very smooth and unfatiguing. I can listen to this can all day without my ears getting tired.


Highly recommended!! Go get these now!!


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