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JVC Victor Head-band Portable Headphones | HA-S500-B Black (Japanese Import) Reviews


The most solid-performing closed on-ear headphone I have heard in its price range


Pros: Affordable price, audio quality, portability, aesthetic

Cons: Not comfortable for long hearing sessions, hard ear-pads

This is my fourth review here on head-fi and unlike my previous reviews I've decided to put a lot more effort into this one, which may sound odd considering that these are the cheapest headphones I currently own but I found that my previous reviews hardly gave any information that I'd consider useful to other head-fiers or just any consumers. With that said, during this review I plan to test songs that most community members be able to access more easily in order to gauge my opinions.   What this means in practical terms is that I won't be testing these headphones with the highest-bitrate tracks, instead I will use normal-quality Spotify streams as a reference (160 kbps files in...
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JVH HA-s500: Amazing value in an extremely portable package!


Pros: Price! They are basically free! Portability, they fold up really nicely. Bang for buck! Fun sound with slight emphasis on bass!

Cons: The black version has been know to chip (wear). Can be uncomfortable during prolonged use.

I got these straight from Japan via Tenso right as Dsnuts got the hype train rolling last fall. Bought 3 pairs, of which I gave one to a colleague (yes,they are so inexpensive you can just give them away!) and one to my brother in law, and luckily, I kept a pair myself! I have an ongoing love-affair with these headphones! Higher end portables (Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, ATH ES700 etc.) has come into the picture since I first go these, and while the ES700's are my go-to portables today, I still tend to get drawn back to the HA-s500's from time to time. There is just something so engaging and fun about these headphones that I can't seem to let go of. Luckily, I don't have to...
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JVC HA-S500 Quality Supra-aural. Carbon Nano Tube Technology


Pros: Amazing Soung, Very easy to drive.

Cons: Uncomfortable for some, Fork swivels can creak at the end of travel, Carying case or bag would have been nice.

Straight out of Japan, not available in North America, why do the Japanese get all the good toys?   I have had these for just over 2 months now and these are my go to portable headphone.   The S500's are light, compact and I personally do not find them uncomfortable. A very soft headband cushion and your run of the mill pleather ear pads that are firm but not uncomfortably so. The headband is hinged at the top, extenders stay where they are put, cups are rotatable in a 90 degree arc and the forks fold in half at the swivel. They fold up very nicely and it would have been a great addition if JVC could have included a bag or pouch to carry them in.   Folded...
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Great first pair of cans!


Pros: PRICE, awesome sound, is very capable for all songs, dont look half bad

Cons: Comfort may be an issue for some (not for me), wish cords were detachable but can't complain for this price

These are my first pair of cans and straight out of the package they look pretty amazing. When I first put them on I thoroughly enjoyed what i heard. Works well for bluesy songs and there is an emphasis on bass but not incredibly bass heavy by any means. After a few hours of use, they are just getting better and better!

Probably the best low-budget phones ever made.


Pros: Sound, lows, DYNAMICS!!! Amazing value for money ratio.

Cons: No in-line controls, no carry case, doesn´t feel sturdy.

I bought this product via eBay, paid a ridiculous 33 dollars for it, from Japan, shipping included. :D They are almost free, but only available in Japan. Here are my brief expressions. I opened the really simple package, plugged them in my Fiio, switched on... And I´ve been blown away. Seriously, after reading lots of very positive reviews, and despite the low price, my expectations were pretty high. And these cans could live up to them, quite easily. They are simply amazing, Very dynamic, lively, full-bodied sound. Of course, they aren´t perfect. The highs are a bit coloured, the mids aren´t neutral too, on really high level the sound gets slightly distorted, but we´re talking about a...
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One of the most well balanced enjoyable headphones


Pros: Perfect combination of highs, mids, lows with very good clarity.

Cons: For an on-ear it's almost flawless. Could probably use more soundstage but it's pretty good for an on-ear.

These have been my main headphones for a long time. Their simplicity combined with their excellent sonic character and relatively cheap price make them legendary headphones. There's a reason they have a cult following. 

Price/Performance rate is awesome but build quality not equal to this f/p rate :/ Not comfortable because of PADS.. But usable :)


Pros: Price/Performance rate is awesome

Cons: build quality not equal to this f/p rate.Not comfortable because of PADS.

Sounds quality is really god i have to say this. This headphone is undisputed wonderfull :) I wish i can say these words to comfort. But i cant say this. Because pads are killing me and my ears. I dont want to change it but i must i guess.   What is my advise/advice? You must buy it if you have enought money and you cant give more than this for a headphone :)

Excellent bang for the buck.


Pros: fun sounding, very detailed, portable, folds up, smooth treble (non-fatiguing), easy to drive.

Cons: uncomfortable for long periods of use, some may find them too bassy (i don't), a carrying case would've been nice.

TL;DR: If you're looking for a good portable with excellent sound, go buy these now. I said now. Why are you still reading this? I said go buy it!   I would like to start by saying that those can usually be found between $30-$70.   I got mine for $40 and payed $15 for shipping. And trust me when i say, this is one of the best $55 i have spent on audio equipment.    Ever since i got these, i never left the house without them. Ever. They are very convenient and portable. I take them with me to the gym or occasionally for jogging, and they do a perfect job of staying on my head without falling off.    Just some headphone photography before i begin...
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Amazing sound for the price, but not comfortable


Pros: They sound amazing, especially for the price

Cons: Not comfortable enough for a long listening session

First Impressions:     Well, when I first used these, I used them in the same place I'd expect myself to continue using these, on the go from place to place, and while at places outside the home. When I first plugged them in, I was planning on letting them burn in for 10, 15 minutes, but I couldn't resist and decided to listen less then 5 seconds after starting that process. I pressed random on my music player, and I was greeted with an 8 bit chiptune track. The first thing I noticed was the slightly recessed treble. Not recessed to the point of disappointment, but it was recessed. The treble contains a very smooth quality overall, making any higher pitched instruments...
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Pros: Sound quality, easy to mod, memory foam headband

Cons: Treble is a little recessed, pads are a little hard.

These babies were great right out of the box, and for the price, I definitely suggest them for anyone on a budget, or just anyone in general!  Sound  The sound on these is great, good bass, smooth mids, but slightly recessed treble. I did a few mods on these: put felt in the cups to tighten the bass and reduce sound leak (which was definitely present), and then I covered two of the bass vents to increase bass. I also used the treble booster on my iPod to fix the treble problem and they sound great now. Also, the sound is super-crisp.   Comfort These are pretty comfortable, but the pads are a little hard. For less than $5 you can buy replacement pleather pads on...
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